Higher One Q & A

Do I have to use/activate the OneCard?

For the most part, yes. The card is your new official student ID card. Unless you specifically choose to opt out (see below), you must activate the card when you receive it in order to receive your financial aid disbursement, even if you do not want to use the checking account feature.


Do I have to use the debit card/checking account feature?

No. You can choose to use the card as just a regular ID, but you must be sure to specifically choose to opt out of OneAccount feature when you activate your card.


How do I get my financial aid if don’t want the OneAccount?

When you activate your ID using the web site, choose the electronic deposit or paper check options.


What if I’m still confused about how to activate my card or receive my financial aid?

PSU has created a web site which explains how to activate your ID with or without the OneAccount. There are instructions in both English and Spanish. There are also answers to many more frequently asked questions about the program. The web site is www.psuone.pdx.edu


What if I really don’t want a OneCard?

You can receive a non-Higher One ID card from the university. The card looks the same, but without the Higher One and MasterCard logos. To get a non-Higher One Onecard, you must pay $20 and file a form to have your financial aid disbursed through electronic deposit.