Homemade fun

If you’re like me, and I rest assured at least someone reading this is, you miss Four Loko.

Homebrew Four Loko

If you’re like me, and I rest assured at least someone reading this is, you miss Four Loko. I know, I know, it’s back! But not exactly. The new formula lacks the energy punch of the old stuff, and while it’s easy to vow that you’ll chase each Loko with a Red Bull, this makes you have to pee a LOT. My solution? Make it yourself.

Note: The original recipe calls for caffeine anhydrous, which is pure caffeine in pill or capsule form. What you’ll see here is the version without. We IN NO WAY advocate putting supplements into your drinks. Enjoy responsibly.


6 Jolly Rancher hard candies, all the same flavor

1 can Monster energy drink

1 can St. Ides Malt Liquor

Sprite to taste


Place the Jolly Ranchers in the bottom of a sealable container. Pour the entire Monster drink over them. Cover loosely and let sit in the fridge overnight.

When the candy is dissolved, pour 7 ounces of the mixture in a pint glass. Measure and pour 7 ounces of St. Ides into the pint glass and stir. Finish the remaining space in the glass off with Sprite. Stir. Savor. Serves one.

How to Throw a House Party

A good party just isn’t a good party without a little planning. If you’ve ever invited people over to your house without a game plan, you’ve likely seen the same people standing around doing nothing. Break through those doldrums! Here’s how:


Theme parties are all right, I suppose, but try this out: Have everyone take turns playing a few songs from your computer or tactile record collection. This constant inevitable change in musical styles will get people talking and connections will be made throughout the party as your guests discover who is running the jukebox.


This is almost a no-brainer, but for whatever kind of party this is, make sure you have plenty of beverages on hand for your guests. Don’t make it obvious, i.e. having a giant wagon full of ice and Bud Light. Put it all in your fridge, and tell guests to help themselves. It makes you seem like a “cool” host in this regard. People remember stuff like this.


It’s your party, you chose the guest list, now it’s time to suck it up. If you have an exam the next morning, this was bad party planning. You must slightly conform to your guests now that you’ve invited them into your home—within reason. That is to say, don’t kick everyone out at midnight unless that time was specified at the beginning. Let people linger. If they cannot afford a cab, or they are too drunk or tired to make it home, put them up in your place if you trust them enough. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Saved By the Bell Drinking Game

I did not write the Saved By the Belldrinking game, here’s the link to the rules http://drink101.com/2008/09/11/saved-by-the-bell-drinking-game/. However, it is a complete blast, and while the rules are too numerous to print, I can recommend certain episodes to truly wring the most out of this endeavor.

Season 2, Episode 9,

“Jessie’s Song”

Not only should you be watching this one anyway, but this particular episode will have you buzzed in no time. Screech dresses as Sinead O’Connor and records the girls singing in the locker room—that right there finishes off a glass and adds two drinks on top of it. Also, because Hot Sunday fails to meet with the record executive on account of Jessie’s crippling addiction, Zack’s plans to be their manager DO fail, which tacks on another three drinks right at the end. A perfect opener.

Season 1, Episode 12,

“The Mamas and the Papas”

An often-overlooked episode, this is the one where the kids are divided into husband and wife “teams.” This episode is particularly great for this game, because Zack’s plans fail over and over again as he uses Screech to sabotage Slater and Kelly’s “marriage.” Each of these instances is worth three drinks. To top it off, Screech dresses as a baby girl at the very end, which is good for finishing the glass.

Season 1, Episode 2,

“The Lisa Card”

After this episode, there won’t be a sober person left in the house. Lisa spends too much on her dad’s credit card and has to pay him back. Since Zack comes up with these ideas—and there are four—that’s worth an astonishing 12 drinks. Plus, there is a fantasy scene from Lisa (three drinks), Cineplex music (five drinks), Lisa’s dad appears twice (three drinks each)—and the mother lode: The scene where Zack is selling Lisa’s clothes. Screech rigs up all the lockers to open with the push of a button—without a combination—which he does twice. This means four drinks for every locker opened in this scene. And there are plenty of lockers at Bayside High.