Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 28

From Mystic J; Permanent resident of Room 1313, Hollywood Tower Hotel.


March 21-April 19
You have a little bit of Paris Geller in you, Aries. Driven, ambitious, and sometimes single minded to the point of insanity, you totally get it. Unfortunately, if you don’t take a break every once in awhile you’ll also have a Paris themed meltdown.


April 20-May 20
Luke’s Diner was a formidable castle of unchanging burgers and coffee. And though he was prickly, Luke himself had a soft spot that it took him a long time to show. You’re a good person, Taurus, just like Luke. You could stand to be a tad less prickly though.


May 21-June 20
When the Gilmore Girls started, Sookie was nothing more than a sunshine filled klutz with a sauce pan and a dream. You’re a bit like that Sookie, waiting to be fleshed out, fall in love, and have the life you always dreamed of. Go for it!


June 21-July 22
I don’t know whether you consider yourself an Emily or a Lorelai Gilmore, dear Cancer, but you’re definitely the mom that knows how to get it done. Just remember, if you don’t tone it down a little from time to time you’ll end up alone just like Emily almost did.


July 23-August 22
Rory’s second boyfriend, the hottie with an attitude but a heart of gold named Jess reminds me a lot of you. You’re fierce, no nonsense generally speaking, and maybe not universally adored. But even you can’t help but fall for that person sometime who really sees you. Don’t be afraid.


August 23-September 22
I’d like to think that Madeleine, Louise, and Paris all keep in touch with Rory and that Rory is thinking of becoming a state senator. This idea warms my heart and I say to you, Virgo, reach out and touch someone today because they miss you too.


September 23- October 22
Lane had a lot of potential before they married her character off. I don’t mind that she became a mother but she had such a passion for being a rock star that it’s a shame that she never realized it all. Realize your actuality, darling Libra, and make me proud!


October 23-November 21
Speaking of Lane, her tiger mommy came a long way in the series too. Mrs. Kim really did want the best for Lane, even if it meant Korean bible camp! If you watch the show and feel like you’re agreeing a lot with Season One Mrs. Kim, maybe it’s time to loosen the leash just a tad.


November 22- December 21
When I grow up, I want to be Miss Patti. She was fantastic. This week, channel your inner Miss Patti and enjoy life’s little decadences. And then tell me all about it.


December 22-January 19
Kirk was the character who would not quit! Somebody should do a count on the number of handy jobs he had in Stars Hollow, because that’s a Buzzfeed list I’d read. Perhaps you could learn from his stubborn need to do anything instead of just one thing well, Capi.


January 20-February 18
You are Michel. You are long suffering while your vivacious co-workers make fun of your accent and customs. But, in the end, you can’t live without the verbal sparring and somehow they make the idiots more bearable. It might be time to take them a “i secretly adore you” cake.


February 20-March 19
Richard and Lorelai’s heartbreaking not conversation on the same evening as his heart attack sticks in my mind for you, dear Pisces. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today, dear friend.