How to: Keep your bike from getting stolen

– Make it as unattractive as possible. If your bike looks like a bigger pile of junk than the one next to it, you’re off to a good start.

– Cable locks are better than no lock at all, and will stop the most opportunistic of thieves. However, they can be shockingly easy to get through with the right tools. Consider upgrading to a u-lock or chain (or both) if losing your bike would devastate you. Alternatively, many people use a u-lock to secure their bike frame to the rack, and a long cable lock to go through the wheels. Find what works for you and do it religiously.

– If your bike has quick release wheels, consider investing in a pair of security skewers. These require a special tool for removal, preventing sticky-fingered thieves from snatching your wheels and leaving the rest.

– If you want to keep your bike lights, take them off when you rack your bike.

– Consider renting a space in one of the Bike Hub’s six secure bike parking rooms and garages on campus. A space is $15 per term or $45 per year.

– Make sure you’ve actually locked your bike to the rack. It can be easy to miss the fact that, in threading your long cable or chain lock through your frame and your wheel, your bike’s really only locked to itself. It’s a humiliating mistake that you only need to make once.

– If you’re allowed to take your bike into your workplace, do it. Even then, consider locking it to something like a chair or some furniture. Anything you can do to make your bike more difficult to walk off with is a good step to take.