How to make your eggnog good to the last drop

Anticipating post-holiday blues? Have no fear! Your friendly leftover eggnog guide is here.

It’s pretty normal to feel tired and sad as the holidays steam past us, and ugly sweater party sweaters turn into…well, just ugly sweaters. Alas! After the yule log has long burned out, you can turn your main party leftover into spirit for days to come with these handy ideas.

That frothy, yet smooth and delicious holiday specialty that’s not really milk, yet tricks us into thinking it’s acceptable dairy, has an afterlife. Let’s start with New Year’s Day brunch.

While you’re whipping up some eggs and bacon, why not try some eggnog French toast? Just substitute it for the milk in your batter and you instantly have a festive and tasty brunch. This also works for pancakes!

When reading the directions, just substitute eggnog for the water and watch your creation flourish on the grill. For a healthier breakfast alternative, mix it into steel cut oats with some apples and extra cinnamon.

Baking can be a great way to return to reality after the holiday season, whip up wonderful creations for coworkers or just prepare for the new year.

Eggnog serves as a great substitute for many of your favorite recipes. Be creative. You can use eggnog in place of milk or eggs in many things.

For example, take a traditional sugar cookie recipe: flour, butter, sugar, eggs and buttermilk. Just substitute eggnog for the buttermilk and you now have spiced, holiday-enhanced sugar cookies. As an added bonus, they pack well for those back to work lunches.

Speaking of the back to work grind, try jazzing up your morning caffeine fix with eggnog instead of half and half. It can be used as a creamer alone, or with just a little dash of cinnamon or nutmeg. That way you can continue your holiday joy well into the new year, and well past Starbucks’ termination of the holiday beverage.

Whether you love the ‘nog or maybe aren’t so much of a fan, there are plenty of ways to use it to its maximum potential. And who knows, maybe if you aren’t a fan, one of these new takes on the old beverage will tickle your fancy.

Since eggnog is one of those things that’s really only available around the holidays, you better make the best of it while it’s here. I believe the expression is something like “waste not, want not.” Cheers!