It has come to my attention that the Student Fee Committee is contemplating stopping the funding of OSPIRG for the coming year. I would like to send this letter to support them for funding. I have been a professor at Portland State University for the last 13 years and have been teaching at the university level for 33 years. OSPIRG is one of the most beneficial student groups I have run across in my teaching. I would love to see them funded.

Why do I support OSPIRG? It is an organization that gets students involved at the grassroots level to help gain support for environmental causes. It helps teach students good stewardship of the earth. They learn all about different problem areas by getting into the research to drum up facts to support their stand. These are approaches I strive to do in my classes. I love the organization and contributed to it each year since I moved back to Oregon in 1990. I invite OSPIRG leaders to come to my classes each quarter to make their pitch for students joining OSPIRG projects. They are a terrific organization.

Student involvement is so important especially when it comes to environmental problems. I strongly support OSPIRG and encourage you to try to find some funds for them.

Scott Burns, professor of geology