Ira Kortum:Stop the ‘internal’ hypocrisy of Greek life

OK, I don’t know about the rest of the world but, “It’s an internal issue and it has been dealt with” (“Fraternity under fire”, April 30, Vanguard) is not good enough. Plus, the issue of underage drinking has been “dropped.” How did it get “dropped”? Who was responsible at this function? Who was there? How many minors were drinking?

Oh, but it’s OK now because it’s been “dealt” with.

Maybe this is coming from left field here, but if these sororities and fraternities are receiving money from or are affiliated with the school, doesn’t that make them answerable to school policy?

And nobody seems to have a problem with the fact that the whistle-blower in this case was given a reprimand, punishing her by having her sign a letter that would take away her duties and say she would drop the current subject she had been railing against (the enforcement of Greek rules and the LAW, God forbid).

When she refused to sign it (come on people, “Animal Farm”? “1984”? I thought this place was a fucking university), she was put on permanent suspension, and slandered with “abusive leadership” and basically “theft.” All unsupported statements: a unilateral decision, no judge, no jury of one’s peers, you didn’t do what you were told, you’re out.

AND NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THIS?! Follow the rules, do right, oh and if you get in the way or embarrass us we’ll pull the rug out from under you faster than you can say kindergarten ethics. You know, where they teach you that breaking the rules is bad and lying is not what good people do.

It’s not that sororities and fraternities are the playground of the devil. There are many ways that they do people lots of good. Teaching community involvement, giving a second family to people away from home and so on. And yet it must be a frightful time to be in a sorority just now.

Really, “internal,” “dealt with,” “I think it’s time for some people to grow up and move on with their lives …” Does this sound familiar to anybody? It’s akin to some of the lingo one sometimes hears in matters of rape.

So, where’s the line now? Huh?

And one final thing: “I think it’s time for some people to grow up and move on with their lives …” (see online feedback at “Fraternity under fire,” What is that? A threat? I think its time for people like you to STOP WRITING SHIT WITHOUT PUTTING YOUR NAME TO IT! You want to help? Fine. You want to contribute? Great. You want to demean people, trying to belittle them in some vague way as though they are children and, on top of it, not say who you are? Then you are a coward. If you can’t put your name to it, then save it. Other than yourself, no one wants to hear what you have to say.

Now, as a school, are we so apathetic that a fellow student gets to be abused and we ignore it? Or are we actually going to do something about it?