Is Wayne Gretzky the Great Liar?

Who does Wayne Gretzky honestly think he is tricking? Gretzky claims that he has no association with a gambling ring that just so happens to include his wife Janet Jones and not only one of his assistant coaches but also his best friend, Rick Tocchet, who appears to be the ring leader. It is simply absurd that he is trying to convince everyone that he didn’t have knowledge of a nationwide gambling ring that probably deals with over $1.7 million.

The Great One may have been the greatest hockey player of all time, but he doesn’t seem to be the greatest liar. Maybe he should have a free pass from questioning because he was the greatest hockey player ever and transformed a sport that just wouldn’t be the same without him. But I don’t think so. If he can honestly say that he has no knowledge of a nationwide operation that includes two of the most important people in his life, he definitely has some problems.

First of all, if his wife can spend upwards of 500,000 dollars in a matter of weeks and he doesn’t know about it, than there are certainly some communication problems between the two. They should seek some marital counseling. If it is true that Gretzky was left in the dark, he is either too focused on his job as the Phoenix Coyotes head coach or he is incredibly na퀨͌�ve, which I rather doubt. He had to know, and he did know. I am not sure whether he played a part in the gambling but he had to know that the gambling was occurring, otherwise things seem even shadier than they do now.

Gretzky can continue to lie and say, “I didn’t know that this was even going on,” but come on. Anyone can see right through that lie. He is standing in front of a nation that embraced him and made him the Great One, and lying through his teeth. It is so obvious that it is actually becoming really disgusting.

Not to mention that his popularity in Canada is about 10 times what it is here in the States. If we consider him a national icon, than he is a king in Canada. He is deceiving two whole countries that have given him every opportunity to become a success, probably even allowing him to earn the money that his wife used to throw away in this gambling ring.

You know what Gretzky should do? He should be a man and tell us that he has been lying the whole time, and that he really did have knowledge of this whole operation. It is the only step left for him. Come clean Gretzky. Stop playing this little game with the whole world because everyone knows that you are lying, except maybe for yourself right now because you have been convinced otherwise.

Wayne, all we are asking you to do is tell the truth. This isn’t rocket science and it isn’t very hard to do. All you have to say is, ” I knew about it.” Four simple words. And Wayne, one more bit of advice: you should probably start now before you tarnish your illustrious career forever.

Doesn’t Gretzky have a responsibility to tell everyone his role before the NHL convicts him with Operation Slap Shot? We watched his games, cheered for him even when he was too old to still play at the level that made him the greatest player ever, and now he doesn’t think it is necessary to tell us that he made a mistake. That’s really all it is, a mistake.

The bigger mistake would be to continue his uncontrollable lying spree. Either way we are going to find out sooner or later. It is inevitable, the lies will be uncovered as soon as the NHL discovers evidence that Gretzky knew about the gambling and even maybe participated. The only question that remains is whether he will come to his senses and tell us or we will have to find out possibly months later while the NHL completes a long and inefficient investigation.

If it comes to the NHL holding a press conference and explaining Gretzky’s involvement then we may have to modify his “Great One” title to the “Great Liar.” I really can’t imagine how he would be perceived in the United States if this occurred. He would be one of the most despised and despicable people on the face of the earth in many sports fans’ eyes. Fans would hate him. A national icon lying for weeks and possibly months would not sit well with the majority of sports fans. If it gets to this point then Gretzky’s stint in the NHL would be over, he would most likely have to move to Canada. That is, if they want him.

Wayne Gretzky may have thought that a trip to Turin for the Olympics would give this situation enough time to blow over. However, he is wrong. This situation will be talked about while he is spending time in Italy and most definitely will be waiting for him when he comes back. All I know is that he should resolve this problem right now, or maybe after the Canadian team wins the gold in hockey so he doesn’t distract his team.

I will give him enough time to help his nation win the gold once again. But that is it. He needs to tell everyone his involvement or at least his knowledge of the situation because he is dealing with a ticking time bomb. The longer he lets this situation continue, the larger and more damaging the explosion will be to his image. Save yourself while you can Great One, before the only great thing about you is your ability to deceive.