Ranging from sports activities to radical advocacy groups, Student Activities and Leadership Programs offers something for every Portland State student to do and helps in the onward battle against the college student’s greatest foe: boredom. With hundreds of student groups to choose from, there is an interest waiting out there for every student.

Here are a few of the most popular and notable groups, along with their contact information. 


Off Planet Architecture

Brag to your friends that you help design beds that allow astronauts to feel as if they were sleeping on the earth. This group is concerned with architecture in space and works with NASA in a Micro Gravity Center. Though this may sound intimidating, lead researcher Michael Rudis says that the group is open and its uses are practical to any and all students.  Anyone with an interest can contact Rudis at 503-516-6767 or visit the group’s web site at


Recreational Clubs

Fencing, medieval combat, kickboxing and soccer are among the 30 club sports offered through the PSU recreational club program. These intercollegiate events provide competition for every skill level and are funded by student fees.  For information on participating, contact the recreational club advisor at 503-725-2938 or visit


Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU)

Portland State’s student government is one of the most actively involved groups at PSU.  By volunteering, lobbying for important student issues such as the OneCard boycott, running for office, starting a club, or simply voting, students can easily get involved with ASPSU’s various activities. Just visit their web site at or call the office at 503-725-3454 to find out how to get involved.


Anime Club

Although watching anime is the main focus of the meetings, participants can meet fellow anime fans and discuss the form and content of this popular art. Meetings for Fall Term will be on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. To find out more, visit their web site at and send inquires to [email protected].


College Democrats of Portland State University

“In order to promote a better America, with equality, opportunity and freedom within a just and strong society, we dedicate ourselves to organizing the participation of Democratic college students at Portland State University.” The first half of the College Democrat’s mission statement explains anything that their name does not. For information on becoming a part of the College Democrats, call 503-233-5377 and visit their web site at


College Republicans

This group boasts public speakers such as Willamette University’s Tom Scales and lengthy discussions on political issues from both Conservative and Liberal viewpoints.   Along with volunteering at the Portland Spectator, a magazine of conservative political commentary that is published monthly at PSU, students can engage by encouraging people to vote and discuss contemporary issues at the group’s meetings. To get involved, call 503-330-4111 or visit for more information.


Students for Unity

As a group “devoted to social justice and ending oppression,” according to their web site, Students for Unity protested the inauguration of President Bush and led last year’s boycott of Sodexho, the new operators of food services at PSU. For more information call 503-725-8777 or visit


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

As one of the largest social organizations in the nation, it is also a strong part of Portland State. Political activist and former Black Panther leader Bobby Seale spoke at Portland State last spring. In addition to guest speakers, the group offers film screenings such as Denzel Washington’s “Antwone Fisher.” Contact the group by calling 503-725-9780 and find more information at

All the other groups and contact information can be found at