KPSU DJ of the week

Name: Alex McCarland and Kevin Chiasson

Age: 20

Major: English/writing

Name of show: Attention Deficit Denial

Time and day of show: Friday and Saturday 12 ?” 2 a.m.

DJ Alias: Fadd Plastic and DJ Eskimotion



What’s the focus of your show?

Nothing is real, you don’t exist, but we do from midnight till 2. 1450 AM, tune in and tune out. Live mixing, sustained noise, space transmissions and cut up lacerated bits of frustratingly decadent sound recorded with my archaic Fisher Price sampler looping your nonsense into break beat format.


Your top 5 albums:

Endtroducing by DJ Shadow

One Word Extinguisher by Prefuse 73

Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada

Selected Ambient Works by Aphex Twin

Mad Blunted Jazz by DJ Cam


What else are you involved in musically?

I’m classically trained on several children’s toys. Most noticeably the Speak and Spell but also disassembled circuit bent electronics, Casio keyboards and wheels of steel apply as well.


Best lyric:

“Uhhhum, tune in and tune out.” “If you’re 21 and over you can get drunk to this.”


First vinyl/cassette/cd you bought and why.

A copy of a copy mix-tape that I got from a Guatemalan exchange student containing Dr. Dre, The Chronic. It blew me away in more ways than one. That would be two, yes, two ways.


Tune in to KPSU a 1450 AM.