Lace Your dunks and see some art (and crafts)

Since April’s First Thursday promises to be a beautiful one you can expect the diamond-studded streets of the Pearl District to be packed with the art world looky ?” so in interest of time, here are the shows that promise to be a hit and remember to keep your wallet in your front pocket, you know how suburbanites love to pickpocket in crowds.


Allison Edge ?” You’re the One for Me

Motel Gallery, 19 N.W. 5th Ave.

Allison edge knows what she likes, and she likes kittens and pretty boys. And can you blame her? Both are sweet, cuddly and very drawable, which she does very well. Her work is all fine lines, felines and fine lads bringing to mind Elizabeth Peyton, only less celebrity obsessed. The only thing that could make her work better is if these beautiful specimens of boy and kitty beauty were done by my 58-year-old neighbor Earl. Because then they would be the creepiest shit on the planet.


Kevin Burrus

PDX Contemporary Art, 925 N.W. Flanders St.

The wooden works of Kevin Burrus are perfect for PDX this month. His work plays on the integral structure and texture of the wood, while highlighting and masking aspects forcing the viewer to reinterpret their feelings about the medium. Or perhaps reinterpret their desire to go running towards the door terrified of the MFA zombies that occupy this gallery most of the time. Either way it’s good work.


The artists of LAIKA ?” After Hours

Compound Gallery, 107 N.W. 5th Ave.

LAIKA is the new name of the Will Vinton studios which has been an animation powerhouse in PDX for more than 30 years now. Vinton’s gone now and LAIKA is shedding their image as the innocuous home to such claymation irritants as the California raisins and the PJ’s. After Hours is the work the hyper-talented staff of LAIKA does on its own time, and since its featured at the super-hip Compound Gallery I’m sure these Portland superstars are doing more than just recreating those goddamn talking M&M’s commercials they’re responsible for during business hours.