Leave the driving to us

Thinking about getting away for the weekend? Thinking about renting a car, but don’t remember how to drive one?

Try the bus. Tickets are inexpensive and you don’t even have to learn how to use that stick shift thing all over again.

Greyhound is a quick and convenient way to make it home for turkey day or those occasional, last-minute getaways.

Greyhound has buses traveling all across the state and the country. In fact, Greyhound serves over 2,600 locations nationwide.

Their Web site, www.greyhound.com, features a trip planner link that allows visitors to plan out their trip and purchase tickets. If you buy your tickets within a week of your trip, Greyhound will mail them to you, saving an extra trip to the station.

Student rates are also available. Students can pay $20 for a student discount card, which saves 15 percent on ticket purchases. For international students, Greyhound offers a 10 percent discount when you show them your student identification card as well as your International Student Identity Card.

If you purchase your tickets 14 days in advance you can take advantage of their “friends travel free” program. For example, two people can ride round-trip to Seattle for just under $40.

Greyhound, founded in 1914 by Carl Eric Wickman as the Meseba Transportation Company, was originally used to carry miners around Minnesota.

Greyhound’s mission: “To provide the opportunity for anyone to travel throughout North America with safety, dignity and convenience.”