Letter from the editor

The Vanguard would like to apologize for any fallacious remarks made in the article, “Guest speaker claims Israel as U.S. colony.”

We represent a student publication that prides itself on delivering unbiased, ethical journalism. After research, we found this article to not be held to those standards. Our intent is never to promote a person or event with bias or in a public relations capacity, yet we do strive to represent an occurrence as accurately as possible.

After an email from the lecturer, Keith Feldman, the Vanguard has determined the claims made in the piece to be considerably false.

The original article claimed that Feldman believes Israel is a colony of the U.S. After reading through his remarks from the speech, it is clear that this is a false representation of the lecturer’s intentions.

“As pressing questions about racial justice in the U.S. and justice for Palestinians converge today, it is important to remember how, in the 1960s, ’70s and early 1980s, purportedly ‘domestic’ issues about racism in the United States were linked to shifting dynamics in Israel and Palestine. Looking across a broad swath of cultural texts, one sees how Israel and Palestine have never been far from civil rights, social justice and freedom struggles in the United States,” reads a statement taken from Feldman’s lecture notes.

We want to thank Dr. Anoop Mirpuri for inviting Feldman to our campus to teach and engage our student body in international affairs.