Letter to the editor

Kudos to Zhu and Wallace and all the candidates under the specter of controversy. They are simply skipping all the steps in the ladder of politics and going right to the top by simply following the example set by our leaders in Washington. Zhu and Wallace did exactly what they are supposed to in a campaign, just on a smaller scale. Why, in Washington we have bloated gaudy advertising campaigns, $1,000 a plate “fund raisers,” doubtless illegal activity and, yes, lots of booze. Them senators can drink, except they get it for free!

The only mistake they made was getting the fundraising backward. The students can throw parties for THEM, just like corporations throw parties for the candidate that will potentially get elected and scratch their back. They just have to offer some of our more wealthy students certain “benefits” if they are elected. At least Zhu and Wallace would gladly get drunk for the sake of democracy. I’m legal too. Yeehaaww.

Dylan Skiles, senior/cynic