The cartoon featuring Virginia Tech murderer Seung-Hui Cho in the April 20th issue of the Vanguard was extremely offensive, inappropriate, shameful, hurtful and damaging.

Offensive cartoon

The cartoon featuring Virginia Tech murderer Seung-Hui Cho in the April 20th issue of the Vanguard was extremely offensive, inappropriate, shameful, hurtful and damaging. How dare you print a cartoon that puts psychotic murderers in the same light as members of the NRA. I myself am a member of the NRA and am a very strong advocate for firearms safety and education. Cartoons like these contradict the work of the NRA to educate the public about gun safety. In the same issue, you have another cartoon of Mother Earth holstering a revolver. What gives? Guns are only bad until they fight environmental causes, then magically they are OK? Why the double standard? Mr. Smith, you should be ashamed that you allowed your paper to print such an offensive cartoon. It’s not just offensive to NRA members, but to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and their families and friends.

Nikola Trotic

Guns in our University

In response to “Man carrying gun spotted in West Hall,” [April 20, 2007] it should not be surprising how many students did not know about this incident.

Our university prides itself from downplaying and outright permitting some members of the student body in getting away with quite a lot of indiscretion.

Take for example the noise issue that takes place nightly at the West Hall parking lot. Residents facing the parking lot between West Hall and St. Helen’s Court have heard everything from music blasting from oversized car stereos, riding of lawnmowers in said lot, footballs being tossed without regard to people walking to their car, bodily harm threats to those who open their windows and complain, and utter general disorder is cast a relatively blind eye, even when this occurs during the hours of midnight to early dawn.

The above described along with this issue of a West Hall resident carrying a gun and the lack of reporting it until the third or fourth day, the way Resident Hall Assistants may not have reported this to students living in the outlying buildings and the overall nonchalant attitude about the incident shows the way privilege is reproduced in a small segment of the PSU student body.

Informal conversations with students have pointed to the probability of the individual carrying said gun being a student athlete. Whether or not this is only hearsay by a minute fraction of West Hall residents, the fact remains that permissiveness has been allowed when the offending party may be a student athlete. Ask students and they will agree with the above. How many students (past and present) have found themselves being ignored when they have brought a noise issue to coaches or housing personnel?

So while this continues, a blind eye is cast. Or responsibility is avoided by RAs claiming that, “they cannot control the noise issue outside the building.” The overall effect is that of students who live in this area feeling unsafe and without someone to advocate for them.

It could at least be understandable if the offending athlete students where successful in winning a few games or so. Why preferential treatment exists for sloppy playing is beyond mine and anyone’s reason.

Angie M.

Earth Day

With Earth Day still fresh in our minds, the time has never been better to start taking the most significant steps towards making our lives sustainable. For many people, this may involve the purchase of a hybrid car or recycling, however evidence points to animal agriculture as perhaps the biggest source of environmental degradation in the world.

Researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that switching from a standard American diet to a vegan diet is more effective in the fight against global warming than switching from a standard American car to a hybrid. Furthermore, the United Nations concluded that animals raised and slaughtered for food cause more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks and planes in the world combined.

And we must not ignore the cruelty behind these industries. Animals on modern factory farms are deprived of everything that is natural to them, and they are treated in ways that would warrant felony cruelty to animals charges if the victims were dogs or cats. Chickens’ beaks are sliced off with a hot blade, pigs’ tails are chopped off and their teeth clipped with pliers, and cattle and pigs are castrated, all without any pain relief.

Are we to call ourselves environmentalists while supporting ecological destruction with each bite of an animal’s flesh? Fortunately, there are a wide variety of vegetarian products on the market today, such as BBQ “ribs” and other mock meats that make the transition easy, tasty and better for the planet! For more information on vegetarianism visit www.peta2.com, and request free stickers and a DVD, too.

Pulin ModiCollege Campaign Coordinator, peta2.com

Virginia Tech

I am quite concerned about your coverage of the Virginia State tragedy. Actually, the advertisements on the Vanguard website provide more thorough coverage about the Virginia Tech slaughter than the Vanguard itself.

As a Vanguard alumna, I am very curious as to why there is silence about something that is just as germane to Portland State students as it is to Virginia Tech students. There isn’t even an article on what Portland State’s protocols and policies are when it comes to a situation like this.

This is also an excellent opportunity to illuminate Portland State students on emergency procedures, mental health resources, policies for reporting general weirdness and emergencies. Are there Virginia Tech students (or former students) here at PSU?

Instead, I see a long wank to Kurt Vonnegut, a story about plastic bags and a not-so-expos퀌� about paper towels.

I do see some great student-related articles, like the students who have their own clothing label and the seasonal fun that is the ASPSU elections.

Perhaps my letter comes too soon and you have a great feature planned on PSU emergency procedures or how interested/concerned students can express their feelings to Virginia Tech students.

Make me proud, Vanguardians. Pick up the slack.

Rose Richard

Disgusted by election support

I have never been more disgusted by the ASPSU elections than I am this year. After four years at Portland State I can honestly say I have never seen the type of negative campaigning like what the College Democrats have done. Tonight while walking through the park blocks I was appalled to see allegations that Amanda Newberg was a bad fit for SFC chair at PSU and that she voted against such things as the Queer Resource Center. What the College Dems fail to report is the reasoning behind her “nay” vote. There are many reasons that I voted no on issues in the past as a former member of student government. Perhaps I felt that the organization deserved more money or that there was simply something lacking in the request that permitted me from granting it.

To make a blanket accusation about someone and not give any valid evidence behind it is not only biased, but unfair to the students of this university who look at these campaigns and endorsements as a means to make decisions. I hope that, as we finish this election, the students on this campus that really want to make a difference, students like Amanda Newberg, are given the opportunity to show Portland State what student government can do! Let them help to assure a fair process in the future and equal representation for all students on campus.

Nicole Greco