OK, so I have gone back to the article [“A ban for all seasons,” April 4] before firing off my angry shots and am now a bit calmer, but still annoyed. My question to the author of this article and to any others interested in this is, what exactly is, “the worst part” of a girl’s ass? I would suspect the worst part as being the same for men and women and indeed believe the author may know it well, the asshole. When female PSU students get dressed in the morning I hardly think (and hope) that they are not choosing their garb based on the opinions of writers who work for the Vanguard.




Your article is very informed [“Building a better boarder reform,” April 11]. But the one thing you left out was the big lie of the current administration (one of them anyway). Bush and Co. try to convince us that we are in Iraq to help the Iraqi people. “To give them freedom and opportunity.” That would be great, if it were true. “Illegal” immigrants, those I have known, work their asses off. Then they send most of their wages home and live here alone, and in poverty. They wash dishes and are grateful to do so. We should learn from them. We are very spoiled in this country. I say, if you want work and provide for your family, welcome! Come one and all! What has happened to this country? I hope it gets better and not worse.

Julie B., Paralegal



Mr. Khalid,

You should know the meaning of open-mindedness [“Ling Ling is my co-pilot,” April 10]. Some people believe in God while others do not. I assume you’re one of those sad ones who do not. You view belief in God as motivated by security rather than by truth. Well, who would want to leave their security to a supernatural being who has the power to throw one to either heaven or hell if such a being was their own creation? Wouldn’t denying such a being be more secure than putting your destiny into his hands? Atheism is a search for security, faith is not. As an atheist you’d like to think that you are in control of your destiny so as not to incur the threat of the anger of a most high God. And if you are content being an atheist, why is it that those of the faith concern you so much? Does a parent ever struggle to convince a child that his imaginary friend doesn’t exist? Or could it be that the parent feels threatened that the imaginary friend is for real. You say that as soon as the unexplained is understood, God is shelved. There are many who say that as soon as the unexplained is revealed, God’s awe shines even more. But to you I say this: “I believe and you don’t. Let’s wait till we die and we’ll see who’s right.”

Victor, Student


War Protest

Reading about the 10,000 Portlanders, many of them PSU students, who marched against the war in Iraq, I was reminded of the time when I was a PSU student in 1969 and marched against the Vietnam War. We also had about 10,000 protesters on a sunny October day and we also ended up at the site of the Battleship Oregon monument, where we heard speakers condemn that warmongering U.S. president, Richard Nixon.

Nice going, Portland, keep up the tradition of speaking out against injustice and illegal wars!

Rick Jones
San Francisco