I am always relieved to see sexual assault awareness in the papers. To get right to the point, for lack of printable space, I think one of the most underrepresented resources that continually is left out of print is that men.

Survivor Focus

I am always relieved to see sexual assault awareness in the papers. To get right to the point, for lack of printable space, I think one of the most underrepresented resources that continually is left out of print is that men (noted because they commit most of this violence not only on female and gender variant bodied individuals but male as well) need safe spaces to address the violent tendencies associated with their patriarchal masculine socialization. This includes support groups, professional therapy, access to education and steps for reporting abuse.

Communities that are at risk for sexual assault know early in life what we are to do to keep ourselves as safe as possible. Do those at risk for being sexually violent and abusive to others know what they are to do to prevent or aid themselves? I do not want to take away from the complex and labyrinth-like systems that survivors of sexual assault have to wade through to gain treatment, justice and closure, but it is time for everyone to be part of the solution to end sexual and gender violence.

There are groups that people can get involved in to help educate men and to combat patriarchal masculinity and gender roles. You mention Men Against Rape on campus and that is a group that can connect students to resources, including men and other individuals who seek help to work to prevent this behavior in themselves and others in their lives. It is important that every single person take responsibility for educating his or her self about this issue to be prepared to help someone in their own lives or themselves, as well as people that need to talk about abusing or hurting others.

Mo Blue

Multicultural centers lose GA position

Oh, thank goodness they eliminated that graduate position at the Multicultural Center (MCC). You don’t need a graduate student for that position! Heck, that’s a job designed for high school students. I would love to see Jon Joiner develop a new graduate position next year that utilizes the skills of a graduate student. The PSU MCC needs to provide more services and programming to students of color. I see the graduate assistant as a position that takes on projects and services that serve students of color at PSU. (And no, I’m not talking about dumb ideas like “let’s have a potluck so I can learn more about different cultures.” Diversity is so much more than food!) I’m thinking more substantial things, like designing a new multicultural leadership program, workshops, guest speakers, community forums, etc.


Tancredo ain’t no racist

Greetings Mr. Johnson:

I am writing to take strong exception to your unfounded critical thin-skinned remark about presidential candidate Tom Tancredo [“Human rights in the lens,” Sept. 25]:

“OK, I’ll call this kettle black and say exactly what Tancredo’s statement is. It’s racist, xenophobic bullshit. It’s exactly the same type of rhetoric that has been used throughout history to gain power and discriminate against those who are unlike the majority.”

There are many other candidates from both parties that rightly deserve this kind of criticism on a number of issues, but Tom Tancredo does not. Why are people like you so afraid of him that you will only give him publicity for the things you can twist into a pinched-nose negative?

Congressman Tancredo’s statements are neither racist nor xenophobic. To say so is your personal opinion of the remark. Tom may be the smallest stature of the Republican candidates but he stands head and shoulders above the rest in the eyes of his supporters for his steadfast efforts to attack the problems that are threatening our economy, our culture, our health and the sovereignty of our republic. Just because a reported 80 percent of the illegal community come from south of the border does not make Congressman Tancredo a racist. Turning a blind eye to those who just want to work has allowed the criminal and diseased to follow right along with them, and has allowed those who have a plan to attack us within to also follow along. The fact that the Mexican government aids this illegal entry shows that they are not our friend.

Whenever our hero says something you people with your liberal open borders, kumbahya, unappreciative-of-how-the-United-States-of-America-was-built mindset think is controversial, America cheers. I hope he keeps it up.

Bobbie McAuliffe

Biased opinions

[In response to “Human rights in the lens,” Sept. 25] I fail to see your point, Mr. Johnson, in regards to your views on immigration, other than the fact that you’re just another name-calling media “unprofessional.” You are absolutely correct in stating that illegal immigration is hardly a black and white issue. It’s a legal/illegal issue!

Tom Tancredo is one of very few political leaders in this country who has the courage to speak out and tell the truth as it really is. He simply demands (like millions of American citizens) that our immigration laws be enforced. Mr. Johnson, how can that be construed as racist?

In addition, you are correct in stating bull—- [sic] has been used throughout history to gain political power and discriminate. Unfortunately, it’s being used currently to discriminate against legal American citizens!

I suggest you attempt to come up with a bit less-biased opinion on your movie reviews, or you may find yourself looking for another job when an illegal immigrant has taken yours!

Patrice Washington

Diversity is the new racism

[In response to “Human rights in the lens,” Sept. 25] Breaking laws is a human right, but it should not be allowed if it is at the expense of others.

Diversity is the new racism that multiculturalists parade. Advocates of diversity claim it will teach people tolerance and to celebrate their differences. But the differences they have in mind are racial differences, which means we’re being urged to glorify race, which means we’re being asked to institutionalize separatism. Racial identity erects an unbridgeable gulf between people, as though they were different species, with nothing fundamental in common. If that were true, if racial identity determined one’s values and thinking methods, there would be no possibility for understanding nor cooperation among people of different races. To the multiculturalist, race is what counts, not individuality.

Illegal immigration was brought on by corruption from both sides of the border. Ending that corruption requires discipline and enacting the principles and values of community, which have been discarded and replaced by greed.