It’s important to note that the value student groups have and the money they spend are two separate issues and should be addressed in their own respects.

Students groups, money

It’s important to note that the value student groups have and the money they spend are two separate issues and should be addressed in their own respects. This battle is one of extremes, and philosophically, it needs to be clarified. This debate is clouded with the ardor of two impressions: (1.) student groups cannot spend beyond a letter or penny of the line item, and (2.) student groups can spend as they wish in congruence with their mission. In the current debate, there is no wiggle room and the dichotomy is set. However, this is false belief because life is paradoxical and confusing if we restrict our minds to this dualism. If we restrict ourselves to one of these extremes and hold it as absolute then we’re bound to fail. Furthermore, “paid professionals” do not have to follow student-set, rule-based systems. They must, however, follow Business Affairs Office rules “to help group leaders make the correct decisions.” Students uphold student rules.

Jesse Anderson

Don’t diss Ms. Daniel

I found Christopher Moore’s comments about Kimi Daniel rather insulting. “We’re getting our money back [on her scholarship], so to speak,” Moore said. “It’s not an exciting job. It’s a thankless job.” [“From the diamond to the desk” Sept. 28] Why would anyone say that about an employee, much less be quoted in the newspaper as saying that? Even if this was taken out of context, it’s still a negative comment. Kimi Daniel earned her scholarship as a student-athlete and she does not have to pay it back. She doesn’t owe PSU their money back. I hope Kimi doesn’t stay in an office where she’s doing a “thankless” job and goes on to pursue her own career as a dietician at OSHU. She deserves a positive work environment where she’s valued for her talents, gifts and skills. She’s smart and has a bright future ahead of her.


Crime blotter woes

These same campus crimes occur every week for years and years. There seems to be no relief. It is odd that in the days of high tech surveillance, much taught of PSU, that these petty crimes remain unstoppable on campus and continue in a never-ending spiral. Campus security might take too many coffee breaks.


You can take your lawsuit and shove it

Dr. Samuels, you weren’t demoted for being African-American; you were demoted for being the most incompetent and ineffective department manager it has been my misfortune to work under. In fact, using your name and the word “manager” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. You couldn’t manage your way out of a wet paper bag. I base this opinion on my five years experience as an operations manager, my 10 years of experience in labor-management relations at a state agency, and my 50 years experience as an intelligent caring human being. Now you want an additional $500,000? Good luck! What about all the money we already paid you for your crappy work product? I’m not surprised you feel this is a valid way to make money. I have more respect for the guy standing at my freeway entrance.

Brian O’Connell