Job Fair


I sincerely hope that you will, at some juncture, stop reporting on PSU career fairs [“Annual career fair offers summer jobs,” May, 3] just because they send you a press release and ask you to. Here’s some real reporting:

Nike offered two jobs this year, for which the “almost 900” attendees were to clamor for. The irony? One of the two jobs required two years’ experience in a manufacturing environment, where most students moonlight between classes.

I was also delighted by the ACS company’s promise of $17K-$21K annual salary at $7.50/hr. I did a little scritch-scratch to inform them of their mathematically error. Before taxes, 40 hours a week equals $300 for a calendar year of 52 weeks equals $15,600. They said, “That’s not a real application. You’ll get more if you’re bilingual.”

Pretty much everything else, I’d already applied for in previous years. UPS and FedEx either hold my previous USPS experience against me or are so overwhelmed by applicants and interviews that I’m lost in the shuffle. I made it past initial screening for the FBI but was not as astute at engineering-level mathematics as I’d hoped when I failed their entrance exam.

News Channel 8 wants someone to run their teleprompter, but if you’d like to do their graphic design, you need two years broadcast experience, something I’m sure many PSU students have arranged time for in their basement studio.

Overall, PSU Careers hosted another bust. Thanks for nothing.


Danny Norton, student





Racism is a propaganda term used to describe actions taken by white gentiles to promote their own ethnic interests, (which for us isn’t to be displaced and dominated by alien races).

For example, there isn’t one “minority,” (one Jew or non-white), in the U.S. that cares one wit about the principles of egalitarianism/multiculturalism, but rather they promote discrimination and equality when it serves their ethnic interests, and oppose discrimination and inequality when it harms their ethnic interests.

Multiculturalism is a minority empowerment ideology, and so minorities support it because, for now, it promotes their ethnic interests, while it simultaneously punishes whites for doing the same.

For example, where Jews live as a majority, Israel, they promote segregation, inequality and ethnic cleansing – but where Jews live as a minority, they support a minority empowering ideology.

Blacks oppose discrimination against themselves, but demand Affirmative Action, which is the systematic discrimination against whites. We just had another Million Man March, an event sponsored by a group that promotes the wholesale extermination of whites.

And there is a growing reconquista movement among the Chicano elite, a separatist movement to remake the American Southwest into a Chicano homeland. The current mayor of L.A. was a member of the largest Chicano student organization, MeCha, which openly promotes reconquista.


Jill Henry


Read BEFORE you sign!


There is an initiative going around campus for the next few weeks that will be detrimental if passed into law. Initiative 6 is a Constitutional Amendment that caps state spending at an arbitrary rate. The signature gatherers are not telling people what this initiative will do if passed. They are asking for your signature to balance the state budget; on the contrary, this initiative will bankrupt the state, including Portland State, if passed.

Don McIntire is the Chief Petitioner of initiative 6. He is already well known for Measure 5, the initiative that capped property taxes at a very low rate; this is the reason our K-12 education system is in a dire situation.

About 200 signature gatherers are being shipped in from out-of-state to collect signatures for initiative 6. They’re funded by a private out-of-state organization called Americans for Limited Government.

This is a major step in the wrong direction for Oregon. A measure similar to Initiative 6 was passed in Colorado, and they spent 13 years under its detrimental influence. K-12 and college budgets were slashed, tuition for students skyrocketed, heath care services dwindled and public services, such as police and fire, went severely underfunded. Colorado voters overturned their decision last year.

DO NOT SIGN this initiative unless you want to see schools close down, tuition skyrocket, unhealthy and uncared for senior citizens and all-around failing state services.

This initiative will bankrupt our state.


Erin Devaney

PSU student