Thank God this is my last term at PSU. But most importantly, I am glad to be done with University Studies. What a bunch of BS.

Universities Studies: a bad program

Thank God this is my last term at PSU. But most importantly, I am glad to be done with University Studies. What a bunch of BS. I am off to finish the remainder of my undergraduate years at the University of Oregon.

Although I am leaving soon, I am left asking myself what happened. Why didn’t the program deliver to my expectations?

I have gone back and forth about who is responsible for my poor experience. I have thought it was the mediocre teaching or the playtimes with mentors, then again my mentor is hot and I have learned a lot from her. Would I say that about a hot teacher? Probably. I have often blamed myself, but have realized that I am only a customer and not responsible for the lousy product being sold to me. Where’s Ralph Nader? I have also thought that it is the director and his subordinates. The director, after all, only has a master’s degree in architecture and really does not get anything except objects and does have a temper. Or, maybe it’s the director of mentor programs, a psychologist who’s Ph.D. is in obese girls, really not a good background for an educator. Shouldn’t these types of jobs be done by people from the school of education?

I expected to be educated. That’s where I went wrong.

Rod StevensonPSU Student

Fetuses are people too

I am writing in response to the Women’s Resource Center’s opinion that was submitted by Angela Jensen about the “Stop The Madness” pro-life insert that appeared in the Feb. 2 edition of the Vanguard. Angela describes the advertising supplement as a “12-page anti-choice and anti-voice piece of propaganda.” All of the facts presented in “Stop The Madness” are true and documented.

I agree that a woman has “the fundamental human right for her to decide what is appropriate for herself, her body, and her life at any particular time.” However, an unborn child is biologically proven by DNA to not be a part of a woman’s body. The unborn child is attached to the woman, but it is not part of her body. Just because two people are attached doesn’t make one of them not human.

Angela is incorrect when she says that groups similar to Human Life Alliance (HLA) “try to make women believe they can’t decide for themselves to have a baby or to wait.” That is not what we say at all! If you get pregnant (or impregnate a woman) you have a baby. Your “choice” at that point only determines if you have a live baby or a dead baby.

There is a lot of confusion regarding abortion, birth control and other life issues. HLA is a non-profit, non-political, pro-life educational organization dedicated to protecting life from fertilization to natural death. We publish “Stop The Madness” to educate a populous that is mostly learning about life issues from those that advocate for the “choice” to destroy it. “Stop The Madness” provides a perspective that is seldom considered in mainstream media outlets.

Jillian RoemerDirector of Campus OutreachHuman Life Alliance