PSU sports benefit local athletes
Great story ("New recruits," 2-11-05)! It would have been nice to see Owen Smith point out that PSU’s 7 in-state recruits were by far the most of any Div I program in the state. It’s sad that UofO and OSU signed a combined 3 in state recruits. It just goes to show you that PSU has a strong commitment to local athletes, many who would otherwise not be able to attend college.

Chase LoGreco

Equal access for all student groups needed
Thank you for publishing the article covering OSPIRG’s budget appeal hearing yesterday ("OSPIRG: one last try" 2-10-05). The ongoing struggle between OSPIRG and the SFC is an important issue for students at PSU to pay attention to. However, today’s article is missing the most important point from the hearing last night. OSPIRG asked a totally reasonable and basic question: "why NOT support this group at the level they proposed?" The SFC chair (Tracy Earll) refused to answer the question by talking in circles and turning the hearing into complete chaos until Wendy Endress stepped in. My question (and the one that all students deserve an answer to) is why can’t the SFC answer the most simple question? Shouldn’t all student groups have an answer to this question before appeals in order for the SFC process to be fair and equal for everyone? The job of the SFC is to SUPPORT students in accessing their money, not to create hurdles and barriers. Last night’s hearing was full of hurdles. Why do hurdles keep popping up with the biased leadership of Tracy Earll? What’s going on here?

Lauren McCartney

Earll guided by bias
SFC chair Tracy Earll is basing her decisions to fund groups such as OSPIRG off of bias. Ms. Earll stated twice that she personally did not think that OSPIRG benefited enough students, and even if they’re complicit with Committee guidelines she would never fund them. Further, Kaveh Heravi said he believed OSPIRG’s appeals request sent symbolically offensive message. If the Committee is serious about neutrality, what difference would that make? My student fees pay for the Committee to evaluate every budget. Student groups deserve to have an unbiased SFC. Viewpoint neutrality will keep student groups safe from corruption.

Kent퀌� Azegami

New leadership needed for ASPSU
I am a student involved in a student group. The Student Senate elections are getting close and all I seem to hear about lately is how the SFC is de-funding student groups. The president and vice president don’t seem to care and aren’t doing their job. We need new leadership that is concerned with the diversity of and fairness in dealing with student groups. I don’t usually care the way that this school is run, but this really bugs the crap out of me.

Andrew Banahene

Student elections a good time for change
As a member of a student group on campus, I feel that the student government has not represented student groups and I urge this year’s candidates to fully represent the issues among all the student groups.

Seth Thompson

News is irrelevant
When half the electorate doesn’t use thinking as a basis for decision-making, does any news, whether real or fake, really matter at all ("GOP: Grand Old Propaganda" 2-11-05)?


Big man on and off campus
We were thrilled to read the article about our grandson, Scott Morrison ("Big man on campus," 2-1-05). It’s a well deserved tribute to a wonderful young man who is every bit as nice as he is tall. It’s not easy to be so exceptionally tall but he handles that challenge in a terrific way and we are extremely proud of him.

Joan and George Scott
Kelowna, B.C. Canada

Billy Corgan cool with or without a beard
What are you, "like" 13 years old? Good luck getting any job in journalism, your research on this story seems to have come from your ass ("Rocking in the free world" 1-14-05).

"He has, like, dreadlocks. In his beard. Yeah, he has a beard. It’s disgusting."

Billy Corgan has more talent and more success than any of the pathetic ‘popular’ bands like Simple Plan which you probably listen to.