Webb a levelheaded adviser
Portland State University has an ethical responsibility in ensuring that student leaders involved in student government and groups are placing academic success first and foremost on their lists of priorities.

Involvement in student activities is rightly contingent on a student’s academic success. Portland State is an academic institution, not a soapbox for activism.

These students who have fallen out of good standing with the university should immediately resign and make any and all efforts necessary to ensure their academic success.

I for one am greatly concerned that emphasis is being placed on extracurricular involvement rather than academic achievement.

Shame on the student leaders who have been criticizing Ms. Webb for her actions. She is a bright and levelheaded adviser. I for one am proud of her for not only performing all necessary functions of her SALP post, but also for the discretion she has undertaken in her actions.

Congratulations, Natalee, you’re an excellent advisor and you do have support. It would just appear that we’re just not always the loudest ones in the room.

Roger S. Wert

Webb not the problem
Natalee Webb has a difficult job. She advises ASPSU, the group awarded “most like ‘Survivor,'” and (by track record) the one most likely to drive advisors into mental breakdown. Then there are the political groups: College Republicans, College Democrats, Progressive Student Union and other politically active student groups that all butt heads with each other. Ms. Webb also must tend to academic groups.

The e-mails sent to individuals concerning their extremely poor GPAs were only sent to those individuals. How about speaking to Natalee one-on-one about the issue before crying to the Vanguard and making conjecture about her plot to destroy the Devaney/Woon slate? As “student leaders” they ought to have the mental fortitude to explain that they are interpreting the ASPSU Constitution in a different light. Instead they revert to crying foul play because, with all the OSPIRG practice, that is what they do best. I got one of those e-mails because I had not signed up for classes yet, proving that Ms. Webb is just doing her job.

The April Fools’ prank. Most of you should have stuck with your first intuition that it was just that. I admit it, I was served. Just because some asked for the punchline before it was time to give it, they got all bent out of shape. The best part about this was the happy looks on some students’ faces when they heard the rumor, second best part is the scowls they have on their faces since hearing it was false.

Bottom line: I would hope that if students are not willing to do the work enough to get a 2.0 cumulative GPA (or complete four or more credits per term), they are probably incapable of being competent student leaders.

To those that disagree: good luck graduating.

Joe Johnson

Forget Cedric
I think that it is semi-pointless to concern oneself about Cedric and the other street preachers like him. As long as he isn’t violent, there should be no problem. I work at the Information Desk and I have at least one person a week come up to me and try to get me to set the Campus Public Safety Officers on Cedric. I refuse to do it every time because of the fact that what he is doing is free speech. It may be annoying, but that’s what free speech is. I also have people come up and want to ban all homeless people from the Smith Center. The Smith Center is a public building and cannot be banned to anyone without reason. I hope that people keep these things in mind because even though these people are a nuisance, they are still human beings who deserve to chant on a street corner or even sit down in the common area for five minutes in peace.

Adas Lis