To the Editor,

Torture, spying on citizens, buying journalism, planning a war backwards and looking for reasons to justify it (which were proven false), fumbling a disaster response, outing a CIA agent and putting her life in danger and those of all her contacts, engaging in unethical lobbying practices, appointing industry personnel into industry watchdog positions, ignoring the environment, the poor, the plight of the young, woman and the old ?” in a phrase choosing power and money over people.

And now this President wants the representatives of the American People to approve a person he has chosen, to sit on the Highest Court in the Land.

There is a clear pattern here that informs my vote of no, for the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. This President must be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors if this country is to be a country of laws and not of a cabal. George Bush should be out of the Oval Office and siphoned into a courtroom, not shaping the most powerful courtroom in America. Is this the Right legacy; to let a criminal shape this court?

Beyond this, my concern for the views of Judge Alito on the consolidation of Presidential powers, alone, justifies my vote not to confirm. Unfortunately, as a citizen I would have to sell my soul in order to get elected in this system for my vote to actually count. I hear there are many lobbyists that are willing to buy your integrity and on the cheap too; see Jack Abramoff for details.

Tim Young
ASPSU President ’99-’00
OUS Board ’00-’03


Dear Editors,

Plump with praise, skimpy on schlock

Mighty fine fodder from Vanguard flock.

But Art’s mighty peeved as he commences to molder:

What schmuck penned this drivel claiming he was older?

Thanks so much for the great tribute to my dad, Art Chenoweth. When I pass to the pearly gates, I can only hope my bereaved find some way to worm the phrase ‘eepy creepy crawly’ into my epitaph.

Loree Chenoweth McKenna