Library 101: your greatest education resource

When it comes to getting homework, projects and studying done, the library can be your best friend during the school term. Within the walls of the beautiful Branford Price Millar Library, located on the Park Blocks, is an ample number of resources available to students. The Vanguard sat down with Dean of the University Library Marilyn Moody to get the inside scoop.

Vanguard: What are the usual hours at the library? Does it vary by term?

Moody: The hours do vary by term, as well as whether terms are in session or not, and this information is always listed on our website. During a regular term, we are generally open from 7:30 a.m. to 12 midnight, Monday through Thursday, then smaller hours throughout the weekend. During “Dead Week” in finals, we are open 24 hours a day, making the resources available at the library around the clock.

VG: How can a student access library books and other resources within the library?

MM: You can use your student ID to come into the library and check out books, as well as use all the resources online. However, you can also sign in with your ODIN remotely so that you don’t necessarily have to be in the library to access materials such as journal articles, online articles, online books and pretty much any of our online database resources, as long as you have your login information and internet access.

VG: Where is the best place to go in the library with any questions? Where are the information desks located?

MM: The reference desk located on the second floor is the main place you will want to seek out with any questions. Another good place to ask questions is the circulation desk on the first floor, where you are also able to check out materials such as books. You may also email us or use our 24/7 chat reference, available online, to ask any questions.

VG: How many librarians are on staff and what is the best way to contact them for help?

MM: Currently there are 33 professional librarians, 27 classified staff and 16 student staff members that are all willing and able to assist you with any questions you may have. Additionally, there is often a librarian dedicated to particular areas or subjects within the library. With incoming students, a librarian is assigned to teach group classes either in the classrooms or at the library that will better help them become acquainted with how the library works. There are multiple ways to get in touch with someone at the library, including in person, by phone, our 24/7 chat or by email.

VG: If a student wants to find something they are looking for, such as a book, where is the best place to do that?

MM: Students can visit our website at any time and find information on there. Within the library, there are kiosks available on every floor as well as the information desks located on the first and second floors, as we mentioned earlier. The great thing is that if we do not have something a student needs, we can borrow things from other libraries. We are part of what we call Summit, or rather, a consortium of 37 libraries that work together to facilitate students as much as possible.

VG: What is each floor within the library used for? Do all students have access to all floors?

MM: Students do have access to all the floors, although there are certain areas designated to staff here and there. The first floor houses the coffee cart, a computer lab and “the Sandbox,” which is a group study area. At the circulation desk, students are able to ask questions and check out books. It also offers laptops, iPads, chargers and other things listed on the website you can borrow with your student ID.

The second floor has the information desk, as well as a large computer lab and tons of desks students can use. The Learning Center, although not exactly part of the library, is a great resource found on the second floor as well that offers tutoring and academic help.

The third floor houses stacks of books, but also a collection of study areas that are really popular for groups and individuals. There are whiteboards available, tons of seating and an ample amount of outlets for charging. If you have a group project due and need a private space, we have group presentation rooms to rent out, and all you need to do is ask a staff member for a time slot, and you can check out a key. However, there are study rooms available on different floors as well, so either works for that purpose. There is also a family study area for those students with children.

The basement, fourth and fifth floors carry more stacks of books, as well as quiet areas in which students can study in peace.

VG: The computer labs are available to all students and the library houses two of them. Each student is given a certain printing quota for the semester; what is that quota?

MM: So, there is a computer lab on the first floor, and on the second floor there are computer workstations all over the place. Students are given a 500-page print credit to use on any given term, but most students don’t end up using that much anyway. A great alternative that saves paper and money is to use the scanners available on the first and second floors.

For more information on the library, simply visit the website at Have a fantastic fall term, everybody!