Lysistrata’ is here!

The cry of “No peace, no sex!” will resound from the Lincoln Performance Hall in the coming week as the PSU Department of Theater Arts presents Aristophanes’ classic comedy ‘Lysistrata.’ Perhaps you believe that ancient Greek drama is a lesson in abject boredom. Well, consider this exchange from the play:

MAGISTRATE: Then why do you turn away like that, and hold your cloak out from your body? Have you got swellings in the groin from your journey?

HERALD: By the twin brethren! the man’s an old maniac.

MAGISTRATE: But you’ve got an erection! You lewd fellow!

Va-va-voom! Well, that’s what happens when the women of Greece decide to withhold sex until the men end the Peloponnesian war. This timely classic should have any reasonable warmonger shaking in his skivvies. The new adaptation by Ranjit Bolt pairs the ribald and rowdy content with local pop rockers, Blitzen Trapper. If Julie Akers’ direction is on par, a night with ‘Lysistrata’ should be a real treat. Plus, if you take a date, you might get some action.