Meow Meow


All ages

527 S.E. Pine


The Crystal too big for your tastes? Hungering for the DIY ethic? Like emo rock? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then head over the Burnside Bridge to the Meow Meow. Portland’s biggest little theater hosts a plethora of different kinds of music, but tends to lean more toward the indie, with local talent popping up quite frequently. The atmosphere is laid back and comfortable, with couches and chairs on the outskirts of the main room. Tasty snacks and family-friendly beverages (read: no booze) are served at the Snack Bar, and there is an adjoining Pink Room to add another stage to the mix and keep everyone happy. Prices are usually pretty reasonable, rarely venturing over the 12 dollar mark. Owned and operated by Todd Fadel, who goes out of his way to provide the kind of atmosphere and music that is conducive to community, the Meow Meow is one of your best bets for quality entertainment, especially if you’re poor and/or underage.