Michael Cera Seen at Portland bakery, Rite Aid

According to two different Facebook posts with no apparent relation, actor and musician Michael Cera was seen in SE Portland on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

The first post, shared with Portland State Vanguard by Nialls Chavez, a Portland data engineer, identifies Cera at a bakery on SE Division St. He was wearing an orange hat and a mustache, and was accompanied by a woman close to his age. Chavez’s profile is private outside of his social network.

In the second post, a publicly available post by Jenna Rubbicco Legge, a Portland baker, Cera was seen at a Rite Aid on the corner of SE Division St. & Cesar Chavez Blvd. Legge verified identifying details identical to Chavez’s post. Legge works at a different, but nearby, bakery from the one where Cera was seen. Vanguard declines to name either bakery for respect for the privacy of both small businesses and their employees. Legge gave Vanguard permission to link to her post.

Cera does not have any public social media accounts, and based on his publicly available work schedule, does not appear to have a work-related reason to be in Portland. According to a Twitter search, Cera was last seen in Portland in fall 2010 and winter 2011.  A 2012 tweet suggests Cera lives in Portland. A recent musical collaborator of Cera’s toured Portland in July, but appears to be based in New York, as is Cera’s band.

Cera is best known for his portrayal of George Michael Bluth on the TV series Arrested Development, along with his roles in movies and TV shows like Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldJunoSuperbad and Twin Peaks: The Return. He released a solo album, True That, in 2014. Cera is scheduled to appear in a Broadway production in 2018.

Update: A previous version of this article lists the location of the Rite Aid as SE Belmont St. and Cesar Chavez Blvd., which a reader pointer out is a different store. Portland State Vanguard has updated the location and regrets the error.