Midterms never smelled so good

Every time I ask someone how they’re doing, I seem to get one common response: Everyone is stressed out.

Every time I ask someone how they’re doing, I seem to get one common response: Everyone is stressed out. Between homework and procrastination finally catching up to us and the approaching midterms, it’s time to find a healthy and rewarding way to cope. Instead of turning to cigarettes, insane amounts of chocolate or other not-so-beneficial ways to deal, consider taking some time to pamper yourself with good-quality products that will reduce your stress levels while improving your skin.

Lush, a company that produces hand-made soaps and body products out of fresh, organic ingredients, carries plenty of supplies that will reduce stress and help you come to grips with any midterm. Their Golden Slumbers bath bomb contains lavender sprigs and oil that will melt away negative energy as it dissolves in your bath. This product is completely vegan and runs $6.35. It will help ease your cares while relieving tension, making for a rejuvenating night’s sleep, so you can be refreshed to put in a full day of studying the next morning.

Their Dreamtime bath melt will also relax your body while softening your skin. It contains jasmine, lavender and sandalwood to calm and rejuvenate while hydrating.

If you are looking for a fun, productive way to take a break from studying, why not invite a couple of friends over for a facial mask party? Or, to enhance your studying experience, enjoy the soothing effects of a facial while cramming for your midterm. Their Cupcake mask is a delicious way to indulge. It’s completely vegan and has a rich chocolate smell. This mask is perfect for oily skin and provides a calorie-free way to satisfy your chocolate craving. One pot runs $6 and contains about four masks’ worth. Split this between a couple friends, and there’s no excuse not to enjoy this guilt-free chocolate product. Just a word of warning though: This product does need to be refrigerated, so if you happen to have some left over, be sure and tell your roommate it’s not pudding, or they could be in for a not-so-sweet surprise.

Between school, lack of sleep and the onset of flu season, it’s pretty safe to bet that you’ll most likely get sick in the near future. Fortunately, Lush has a product that will help ease the inconvenience. Their shower bomb, Too Drunk, is meant to cure hangovers by using peppermint oil for pain relief and reducing mental fatigue. It also contains fennel oil to increase focus and concentration. This powerful product releases a strong peppermint smell, perfect for clearing out your sinuses and soothing your head. Too Drunk provides a way to start your day off a little clearer, despite feeling horrible from the flu (or too much partying).

If for some reason you’re a superhuman and are immune to stress and sickness, there are still some fun products for you. Lush just put out their limited edition “Day of the Dead” line. It contains bright Calacas, which are skull-shaped shower jellies. There is the Lady Catrina soap molded in the shape of a huge bonnet, topped with flowers and fruits. Then there’s the Calavera bath bomb. Spanish for “skull,” this bath bomb is filled with marigolds, which are said to attract the souls of those who have passed on in Mexican culture.

They are celebrating the Day of the Dead on Oct. 30 and 31 from noon–5 p.m. There will be sugar skull decorating as well as a Calavera Costume Contest where you can win a stash of the limited edition Day of the Dead items.

Lush offers satisfyingly indulgent products for any budget, so take a well-deserved study break and pamper yourself. Whether you’re buried in homework, fighting off the flu or just want to treat yourself, this store carries an array of products that will improve your mood and your skin ?