Mmm mmm pork

We’re a full four weeks into fall term now, which means we’re all locked into our schedules (for better or for worse) and that midterms, papers and work deadlines are fast approaching.

Of course, work at the Vanguard is no exception.  We’re churning out the 2011 Dining Guide, and I’m working with Jordan Burgess on a comprehensive list of the best sandwiches in Portland.  Current categories include Grilled, Sub, Turkey, Pork, Burgers, Breakfast and Deli, and after much debate we decided to include some rather broad interpretations of “sandwich” like gyros and wraps.

Each category will include a first- and second-place sandwich, as well as a “worst” or “weirdest”.  Any obvious contenders besides the microwaved banh mi on SW 4th and Hall and the YouCanHasCheeseburger at the Brunch Box (which is actually pretty delicious)?

My weekend mission is, apparently, to eat 20 different Italian and pulled pork sandwiches and make some hard decisions.