More band for your buck

    Many students may attend PSU from quarter to quarter, never utilizing the services and resources that they pay for in student fees every term. The Vanguard has compiled a list of services and resources for you as a “guidebook” to getting the most from your student fees.


Student Resource Hub

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 115

    The Student Resource Hub is located just inside the main entrance to Smith off of Broadway. The hub is a great place to go for information about student organizations, events and services. During normal hours, the hub has staff available to answer questions.


Child development and family services

    Student Parent Services ( offers assistance in finding childcare and limited financial assistance to student parents.

    ASPSU Children’s Center ( offers a full-time childcare program for children of PSU students ages one to nine, located on the ground level of Smith Memorial Student Union.

    Helen Gordon Child Development Center ( is a nationally accredited laboratory pre-school and kindergarten run by the university. It is located at 1609 S.W. 12th Ave.


PSU Career Center

University Services Building, Room 402


The Career Center offers job and internship resources, organizes career fairs and provides individual career counseling. The Career Center also houses resume workshops and has computers available for students looking for on-campus jobs. The Career Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Information and Academic Support Center (IASC)

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 425


IASC is the place to go for academic advising concerning university requirements. IASC also provides academic support and acts as a guide to academic resources.


Disability Resource Center

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 435


The DRC offers resources to students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities are entitled to testing assistance, extra time to take tests, and may have their required texts scanned into a computer or read onto a tape. Note-taking, interpreting and other classroom assistance is also available.


Skills Enhancement and Tutoring Center

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 425 (inside IASC)


The SETC offers individual and group tutoring, study-skills workshops and other study-skills resources. The SETC website also provides web links to online study skills resources (


Computer Labs and Information Technology

503-725-2940 (general information)

In addition to specialized services, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) runs three general-access computer labs on campus. The resources in the labs are open for general student use, provided the student has an ODIN account. ODIN accounts are free of charge and also allow student access to e-mail, WebCT and other technology services. An ODIN account can be obtained by calling the OIT help desk (503-725-4357), through the internet ( or by walk-in (Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 18). Computer labs are located in the basement and fourth floor of Neuberger Hall, the Millar Library, the third floor of Cramer Hall and the second floor of the Broadway Housing Building.


Queer Resource Center

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 401


The QRC offers support and resources for the lesbian, gay and bi-sexual communities and their supporters. The QRC organizes many events throughout the year, including pride festivities and a prom during spring term.


PSU Women’s Resource Center

1802 S.W. 10th Avenue (at Montgomery)


The Women’s Resource Center seeks to foster community participation of women by offering support and resources and organizing events. Past events have included the Vagina Monologues and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Women’s Resource Center website ( is a great source of information.


Ombuds Office

Cramer Hall, Room 169

The Ombuds Office “provide[s] an informal means of problem resolution if you have a university-related dispute,” according to its website. The Ombuds acts as a source of information for a wide variety of issues that may occur between students and the university. Potential conflicts involving grading policies, syllabus content, academic requirements, harassment and cultural misunderstandings can be resolved with assistance from the Ombuds.


Student Legal Services

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room M340


Student Legal Services has two full-time attorneys on staff to assist students with a variety of legal issues. Consultations are free of charge, although any court fees are not covered by the university. Although walk-in consultations are available, it is advisable to schedule an appointment. Conflicts concerning the university or its staff cannot be handled by legal services due to conflict of interest. The Ombuds Office is recommended concerning university-related conflicts. Check the website ( for office hours and more information.


The Center for Student Health and Counseling

1880 S.W. Sixth Ave.


The Health and Counseling Center offers a wide variety of services to students. In addition to medical services, they also offer dental service, a pharmacy and counseling. The student health fee of $135 per quarter for full-time students covers medical office visits and counseling ($20 co-pay), limited dental work and prescriptions with a small co-pay. The plan also defrays hospitalization costs and ambulance costs. Visit for more information on what the basic plan covers.