Moses Leroy is full of mystery and talent

The Incredible Moses Leroy
Electric Pocket Radio
Ultimatum Music

This is the second album by The Incredible Moses Leroy, and while his real name is not Moses Leroy, his CD is indeed incredible. Electric Pocket Radio is a smooth collection of pop influenced, retro-cool, sunny day, smiley, happy, skipping through the Park Blocks music.

With songs like “Fuzzy,” the second track on the album, and “1983,” the fun can’t help but be non-stop. Perhaps this is because this sunny weather songman hails from San Diego, Calif.

I did a little web research at his record labels’ and learned a few things about Moses Leroy. The mysterious music man takes his name from his great grandfather, who was a civil rights leader in Texas; the man behind the music is named Ron Fountenberry.

Apparently he is into comic book heroes and therefore we getthe “incredible” part. Fountenberry explains his choice of names on his web page saying, “the whole Moses Leroy thing kind of fits because I don’t really view it as me.

“Ron Fountenberry and Moses Leroy seem like two different people. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression – I am not trying to say I’m incredible. When I named the band, I was just thinking about my great-grandfather because that was his name.”

Electric Pocket Radio was released April 24, 2001 and has 15+entertaining tracks.

Credit must also go out to his Producer Keith Cleversley who has worked with The Flaming Lips and Spiritualized, his engineer Joey Waronker, who has worked with Beck and Elliot Smith, and his mixer Wally Gagel of Folk Implosion and Eels fame.

The CD plays like a cassette party mix, moving from catchy up-beat pop rhythms to slower piano and vocal duets then onto a little techno time with a bit of bass heavy jazz-tinged tunes thrown in.

Electric Pocket Radio has something for everyone, even those of us who think hidden tracks are really cool. This is definitley my pick for good time spring days hanging in the sun and feelin’ fine.

How is it possible for so much good time music to come from one band? Fountenberry explains on his Web site, “It’s just something he [his great-grandfather] told me , about basically making the biggest noise in the world that you can. He said to just make a great, lovely noise – no matter where it comes from, make a really lovely noise and don’t be afraid of loving people and have them love you back.”

If those sixth week spring term jitters have got a hold of you then I strongly urge you to go out and get yourself some Incredible Moses Leroy. Before you know it you’ll be skipping through the Park Blocks with a big ol’ smile across your face, love in your heart and not a care in the world. This is a definite for your next party, be it a BBQ or other social gathering, who needs a reason its spring!!!