Editor Pick of the Week: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino has proved himself a genius for the eighth time! Filmed in 70mm, The Hateful Eight is one of a kind.

The entire movie takes place in a cabin in Wyoming during a deadly blizzard. Strangers are forced to stay together for a few days until the storm passes, including a bounty hunter, John “The Hangman” Ruth, with his fugitive prisoner, Daisy Domergue. The film revolves around a lack of trust, racial tension (because of course Samuel L. Jackson is in the QT movie) and attempts to escape.

I had the honor of seeing one of the premier shows that were only presented in select theatres that had the proper equipment to show the 70mm film.

Of course there was a line out the door but there were a few things that made Tarantino’s masterpiece stand out even more; we were greeted with a program about the movie, filled with set pictures and there was also a intermission in the middle of the film. The intermission was nice for a restroom break because trust me, you do not want to miss one word of dialogue.

Everything the characters say factors back later in the plot, in a crafty and intelligent way. And even though the work of art is almost three and a half hours long, I was disappointed that it was already halfway over at intermission.

Of course there is blood–it wouldn’t be a Tarantino film without it! However, it is not the usual amount of massacre that you would be used to if Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds are you favorite QT movies. I would compare it more to Reservoir Dogs–the story has a longer build up with less constant action.

The Hateful Eight however, is different than any other; through interesting and mysterious conversation, you will stay on the edge of your seat. Tarantino’s commitment to his directing and filming ability truly stands out. For example, QT actually kept the set at a below freezing temperature, like it would normally be for the characters in a snowy Wyoming.

Do not miss out on this slice of film history! Get there early, get a good seat and be ready to have your mind blown.