New Celtics to carry the torch

The Celtics once had an unforgettable dynasty, some years ago. It was at that time the Celtics won almost a decade full of championships. Then in the ’80s, Larry Bird and company kept the tradition of winning alive. This year, the franchise is going for their 17th championship. The question is, can Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker do what it takes to get there?

First, this team needs to get past the Nets. The Nets have never made it to the finals, but they have a squad that’s showing signs this season. Right now the Celtics are in the driver’s seat. Pierce and Walker lack consistency to lead their team into the NBA Finals, but its performing at the right time that gets teams where they need to be. Both of these guys have hit big shots when their team has needed it, thus far in the playoffs.

Up until game three, Pierce had been virtually non-existent. He made quotes saying nobody on the Nets could stop him, but it didn’t matter because the whole time he was stopping himself. Finally he showed up to play and his team benefited. Confidence is an overwhelming factor in the performance of both players. If both of these offensive weapons can step up at the same time, then the Nets well be in a world of hurt. And if the Celtics want to advance to the next level and compete for the big trophy, they’ll have to come to play each and every game of the series.