New hype on the block

They say he has all the tools. He is 6-foot-7, 215-pounds and only a junior, in yes, HIGH SCHOOL. LeBron James is his name and he comes from Akron, Ohio. At 17, James pondered thoughts of declaring for the NBA Draft to the mouthwatering scouts of most NBA teams. On his “draft profile” page, he is compared to none other than Kobe Bryant, which is quite the compliment to someone who has yet to prove anything against NBA talent.

What’s amazing about James is his ability and love for passing before his need to score big points. James is the first junior in 20 years to receive national player of the year honors from USA Today.

An even bigger compliment was given to James when he made the cover of Sports Illustrated with the title, “The Chosen One.” He has already led his team to three state high school basketball championships.

Through his first 11 games this season, James was averaging almost 30 points, nine boards and 5.5 assists.

James has the shoe companies lining up for his entrance into the NBA. Although he tells reporters he’s still thinking about college, most tend to think James is headed straight to the millions in the NBA. I’m sure his feet will feel fine with seven figures to land on.

For now, James says he’ll stay at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School for his senior year and just have fun. If he is what people say he is, LeBron James could be a force to be reckoned with two years down the road in either college or the NBA. It’s not everyday we hear a kid can pass like Magic, score like Kobe and jump like Jordan.