News Brief

Remodeling higher ed
Eighteen positions within the Oregon University System are gettingthe axe following Friday’s meeting of the State Board of HigherEducation in which board members unanimously approved the firststage revisions to the role of the chancellor’s office.

The reorganization saves the university system approximately$1.1 million.

These first-stage changes follow a three-month review by boardVice President Geri Richmond and essentially dissolves the divisionof academic affairs, shifting the role of developing or revisingacademic programs to the individual campuses.

This means campus presidents and provosts will have to shouldermore work, but the savings to the university system means eachcampus may avert further cuts (It is unlikely Portland State willface any significant cuts at this time).

Richmond said the review of the chancellor’s office is not overyet and will continue over the summer.

Massachusetts issues first state-sanctioned gay marriageapplications
At midnight Sunday, Cambridge City Hall outside Boston issued thenation’s first state-sanctioned gay marriage application to MarciaHams, 56, and her partner, Susan Shepherd, 52. Hams and Shepherdbraved the elements for twenty-four hours to be first. “People dothis for Red Sox tickets, concert tickets… certainly we can do itfor this,” Shepherd said.

The event was made possible by Friday’s Supreme Court decisionnot to review the Massachusetts State Supreme Court’s 4-3 rulingthat gays and lesbians have a right to wed under the stateconstitution.

As of Monday, Massachusetts joins the Netherlands, Belgium andCanada’s most populous provinces as the world’s only sanctuariesfor same-sex marriage.

After a recent appellate court ruling, gay couples in MultnomahCounty are no longer able to gain marriage licenses and areawaiting a ruling from the Oregon state supreme court.

For those interested in the ramifications of gay marriage,lesbian activist Jordana Sardo will discuss the impact of gaymarriages on the traditional family Wednesday, June 23 at 7 p.m. atthe Bread and Roses Center in Northeast. For more information call503-240-4462.