news briefs

Multiculture for hire

ASPSU Multicultural Affairs director Manisha Ganesh resigned last week from her position with student government due to familial obligations.

ASPSU is accepting applications to fill this position. Any interested parties should contact ASPSU President Amara Marino at (503) 725-8389, or stop by the ASPSU office in Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 117.

Loads of money

PSU was recently granted $750,000 in federal funds for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) research and laboratory by the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee of Transportation Appropriations.

To find out more about ITS and this grant, go to

PSU, the new tenants

PSU recently leased 40,000 square feet of the David Evans Building, formerly the home of David Evans and Associates on Corbett Street.

PSU, along with OHSU, Portland Development Commission, Providence Medical Centers, and Oregon Economic and Community Development, plan to use the space as an incubator for business startups.

The space could also be a temporary home for mechanical engineering until it fills up, according to Jay Kenton, vice president of finance and administration.