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Governor Kitzhaber visits PSU’s research partner for environmental science in Shanghai, Portland State Foursquare site

Governor Kitzhaber visits PSU’s research partner for environmental science in Shanghai

Gov. John Kitzhaber highlighted Portland State’s growing partnership with a leading Chinese environmental research institution Sept. 22 when he visited the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences.

Kitzhaber, who is on a business mission to China, South Korea and Japan, will help unveil new equipment donated by an Oregon business, Met One Instruments, to be used by researchers in Shanghai to monitor air quality.

“We’re here in China to create business opportunities for Oregon companies, particularly around clean technology,” said Gov. Kitzhaber. “This is a great example of Oregon being able to export its expertise, and signals the potential for additional projects down the line. It’s a win for business, education and the environment.”

The equipment will enable PSU, SAES and Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality to expand their collaborative research on water quality to include air quality. Tom Hughes, the president of Metro, was also at the meeting to explore how Metro might be able to assist SAES in solid waste management.

“This partnership is an example of PSU’s international leadership in urban sustainable development,” said Gil Latz, PSU’s vice provost for international affairs. “PSU and the state of Oregon are now poised to play a unique role in improving air, water quality and solid waste management in the world’s seventh largest city.”

PSU President Wim Wiewel formalized the university’s partnership with SAES in October 2010, when he traveled to Shanghai and Ulsan, Korea. SAES is in charge of environmental planning for Shanghai, where air quality and disposal of waste are of major concern.

—PSU Office of University Communications

Portland State Foursquare site
On Sept. 19, PSU launched an official Foursquare site, a location-based mobile platform, to engage with current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community. Foursquare users can discover new places and experiences on the PSU campus using their smartphones.

PSU’s Foursquare site features credible “insider tips” for over 60 different campus “check-in” venues and their fun specials and campaigns. PSU continues to expand its presence in the social media realm with active participation on other social sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

During PSU’s Viking Days (Sept. 19–25), Foursquare users who “checked-in” at the “Portland State University” venue won free PSU sunglasses. PSU plans to offer specials and loyalty rewards throughout the year. PSU’s Foursquare site can be found at

—PSU Office of University Communications