What can be more exciting then a new love? Those first few awkward nights can be the most memorable and profound of your life. It all seems so perfect. First comes love, then comes the mix-tape. Let baby know how you feel.

Iron & Wine – "Naked As We Came"

Love, sex and death have long been associated, and no one has made that connection more stunning than Samuel Beam. His story of the inevitable end of a lifelong romance, with lines like "one of us will die inside these arms / eyes wide open, naked as we came / one will spread our ashes around the yard" and Beam’s whisper of a voice, is a perfect start to any canoodling session.

The Decemberists – "Red Right Ankle"

This song might be a rare moment of emotional engagement for Colin Meloy, but nonetheless it is a magnificent love song perfectly constructed to set the mood for exploring each others bodies, and a reminder that every part of your lover is beautiful, from their right ankle to their childhood memories.

R.E.M. – "At My Most Beautiful"

Rarely has pop-cheese been transcended in such a beautiful way. From the do-wop background vocals to the moments of subtle beauty that pepper a loving relationship, Mike Stipe and company come seductively close to perfecting the pop love song, and warming up your night.

Jeff Buckley – "Hallelujah"

Jeff Buckley’s interpretation of this Leonard Cohen masterpiece, where religion becomes a powerful metaphor for the act of love, is as sensual as it is erotic. From the slow undulation of Buckley’s finger-picking to his delicate, emotionally driven voice, this song is sure to get everybody involved a little wet.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – "Into My Arms"

Keeping with the religion and sex vibe a little longer isn’t a bad idea if your next song is this piano ballad from Boatman’s Call. Cave’s imagery is vulnerable and disarming. Whether you are Episcopal or agnostic this song can melt your heart.

The Beatles – "Something"

Frank Sinatra, a man who knew more than a little about the subject, once called this "the greatest love song ever written." Harrison’s guitar and vocal melody are undeniably romantic, and a great way to kick your night of passion into the next gear.

Otis Redding – "These Arms Of Mine"

As soon as the needle hits the record, your lover will be in your arms nibbling your neck. Don’t get weirded out that this is probably the same song you were conceived to – sometimes some ’60s-era R&B is exactly what the moment needs.

Soul Coughing – "Soft Serve"

With listless bass lines and M. Doughty’s sensual imagery, this song oozes sex. It is about the faint smell of sweet and the sub-vocal moans that are consuming your senses by now. Close your eyes and surrender to the moment.

Marvin Gaye – "Let’s Get It On"

Possibly the most erotic song ever written, Marvin Gaye’s opus to lovemaking has been setting the mood for more than thirty years and will likely be around for 30 years. This song was written to get busy to, so do it already.

Bj퀌_rk – "Cocoon"

Bj퀌_rk’s atmospheric love song is the perfect soundtrack for some post-coital cuddling. Soft and mesmerizing, it’s easy to miss this song’s brilliantly erotic and tender lyrics, "Who would have known /That a boy like him / Would have entered me lightly / Restoring my blisses." With Bj퀌_rk cooing in your ear, you and your lover will be ready for another session of passion is no time.