No handouts at PSU

It’s hard not to miss the homeless on the PSU campus. Be it the scruffy Street Roots vendors near the Smith Memorial Center entrances, the guy wearing the dirty XFL jersey wandering Harrison asking for spare change or the guy with the shopping cart picking through the recycle bins. After I was asked for a free handout the third time in one day (by the same person, no less) I began to wonder, is the PSU campus the ideal market for panhandling?

Think about it. How many times have you resorted to begging for photocopier change while in the library? What makes them think we have anything to spare? Perhaps these ne’er-do-wells will pick up a copy of the Vanguard (it is free, after all), read this letter, and hopefully realize that asking us for free money just isn’t going to work. Not all of us appreciate being accosted for coinage the minute we step off the streetcar.

Katt W. Tiger

sophomore, undeclared