OK Go gets PSOM

Feel like there’s nothing worth doing on campus? What if you could see one of the most exciting bands in the country perform live for about as much as a Subway Value Meal, right here at Portland State?
Portland State of Mind, an on-campus community celebration with over 50 events, culminates in a live performance by the world renowned OK Go at the Peter W. Stott Center on Saturday, Oct. 26. Local
MarchFourth Marching Band, who have built a growing legion of Portland followers with their dance-inducing live act, are set to open the festivities.

For those not familiar with OK Go, it’s worth checking out their iconic low-budget music videos, like the one for the song “Here It Goes Again” in which the band dances on motorized treadmills. The band’s recent material includes the 2010 dance-funk-meets-dream-pop album, Of the Colour of the Blue Sky. Apart from their music, OK Go is also known for being one of the most progressive bands, supporting causes like Hurricane Katrina relief, net neutrality and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

In an era where most bands turn to outlets like Twitter and Tumblr to promote themselves, MarchFourth Marching Band has built their audience the old fashioned way: through blistering, exuberant live performances. Other than fun, the key word to describing their live set is “eclectic.” Their songs range from funk to jazz to global textures, including the styles of eastern Europe, Brazil and Africa.
The concert is possible because of a collaboration between KPSU, Portland State Professional Sound and the PSU Programming Board. The organizations were able to bring the bands to PSU, leaving the door open for other acts in the future.

“I think it’s great to see such strong support from the university for an event like this,” said KPSU Promotions Director and Event Organizer Gabe Granach. “I think we’re all hoping this event is a huge success that will lead to even more on-campus events.”

Tickets are only $10 with a student ID and $18 without, which is still substantially less than these bands typically charge when playing other venues in town. Tickets are available for purchase at the PSU Box Office.