On 23rd? Make sure to stop by…

One of the many allures of Portland is the variety of nightlife options. Whether you’re a trust-fund hipster, blue-collar worker or someone in between, the city is full of opportunities for a good night out, and one of the better options is to find your way to N.W. 23rd.

For important occassions, three places stick out to me as having the right atmosphere. While their styles may be similar, these places all offer just a few subtleties that separate them from the rest of the crowded street.


Awkward. Anxious. In all likelihood, sweaty. These are just a few of the things describing you as you embark on a first date. Dinner and a movie? Played out. And if you are dating someone from Portland State, chances are they want something more…out of the way. That’s why Dorio’s is the perfect ice-breaking venue.

What’s the perfect way to loosen the mood as you attempt to impress a new flame? Thinking outside the box. And that’s what Dorio’s is—outside-the-box Greek food. Need more? A fun, relaxed environment is the perfect antidote to the first date vibe. Plus, you might bond over the fact that you’re dining somewhere different.


Whether it’s a one-night stand, new relationship or The One, everyone needs breakfast, and that’s why Besaw’s makes the list. There’s nothing better on a warm Oregon morning than sitting outside enjoying a nice cup of coffee, and Besaw’s—which is always packed, so make reservations—offers beautiful views with outdoor seating to enjoy the morning pick-me-up.

Besaw’s offers affordable pricing and good customer service—something that can be hard to come by on 23rd, which is known for being a ritzier part of town.

The menu is perfectly proportioned—a wide variety without being overbearing. Not up for breakfast? They also offer a nice lunch and dinner selection. However, it’s the morning affair that gets people in the door, and the food is good enough to keep them coming back.


It’s a Portland staple and seemingly inside the box, but for a good time, nothing seems to top Papa Haydn. Haydn’s offers a dessert menu to end all dessert menus, and the food? Unbelievable. While on 23rd, your best bet for a good night out with friends or that special someone is to hit up Papa Haydn’s, go to their Jo Bar, delve in and know that you’re doing your part to have a great time.

Using these tips, you should be set for a great night out on N.W. 23rd. But don’t forget: There are tons of options. So take my advice and try them all.