Opportunities to get political during break

If you’ve been in college a while you may have already done a road trip, a drinking binge, a riot or two at Seaside, a plane trip to Cancun. But what to do this year? Perhaps staying in town with your local freedom-loving activists would bring you good cheer.

Our river-loving student group, OSPIRG, is seeking help with a riverside rose planting down by Whosong And Larry’s in the Macadam district tomorrow. Join them there at 10 a.m. or contact Megan Alameda at (503) 725-4500 for more information.

You could join the campaign to bring a civilian review board to investigate police misconduct. Signatures are needed to put a measure creating such a board on the ballot, and thus canvassers are needed. Join the campaign by going to Doris’ Cafe, 325 N.E. Russell at 1 p.m. on either Saturday, March 17 or March 24.

Later St. Patty’s night you could protest those pesky curfew laws that make being under 18 a crime and an excuse for harassment and search. Join K.I.D.S. at Southwest Sixth and Oak at 11:45 p.m. for the National Day of Action vs. Curfew. This will be the third annual installment of this protest, and it will feature food, music and a talent show.

On Monday, March 19 the last two protesters that were arrested last year on a raid at the Eagle Creek timber sale will have their day in court. Large turnouts affect political trials like this one, and the Cascadia Forest Alliance asks for your support at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Call (503) 241-4879 for the details.

George Bush has begun his campaign against reproductive rights in the third world by executive action. Some people who aren’t sitting still while choices are narrowed are to be found here Monday, March 19 at 7 p.m. in Cramer Hall. Call the Portland Feminist Action Group at (503) 234-1123 for more info about their monthly meeting that is held the third Monday of each month.

Maybe for spring break you could take more classes. One class that may be more interesting than the stuff you’ve been taking here at PSU will be held at Friend’s Meeting House on Tuesday March 20. Contact Barry Joe Stull of Medi-juana at (503) 284-2589 for information on the group’s medical marijuana growing class and learn about the laws governing growing at home and if this herb will cure what ails you.

PSU’s Students for Unity will host “Globilization, Africa, and the U.S.”, which features radical student activist Hopewell Gumbo speaking of the situations and movements in his home, Zimbabwe. Come to the Muticultural Center, SMC 026 at 7 p.m. March 21 or call Students for Unity at (503) 725-8777 for more information.

The state of Washington is planning to construct SR504 through the heart of the Mt. St. Helens National Monument. They’re holding a hearing at the Rock Creek Recreation Center in Stevenson, Wash. on Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 p.m. Some of the folks from the Cascadia Forest Alliance are planning to voice their opinion against this idea and they welcome you to join them. Call CFA at (503) 248-4879 for ride sharing information.

Join a “National Day of Action” to get Staples, the huge retailer of office supplies, to switch to products that don’t sacrifice old-growth trees. The demonstration in the Portland area will be Wednesday, March 28 at the Staples store at 16074 S.E. McLoughlin. Call Julian at (503) 768-8752 for more information.

If all this action sounds like a little too much for your brain after finals perhaps a trip to the woods will free some space in your mind. If you need stuff for a camping trip call PSU’s Outdoor Program. They have tents, backpacks and everything else you need to cool your jets somewhere in the wilderness. Call (503) 725-5668 for the low-down.