OSA should not decide speech

This letter is a much over due response to the recent (‘Preacher Dan’ thwarted, Vanguard 2/21/03) and last few reports on that criminal, that scoundrel, ‘Preacher Dan’. How could such a man who whole heartedly believes in his religion, and his American right of free speech, ever dare to think he has the right to stand outside in sun and rain and attempt to tell people his religious views! How dare he use his God given (no pun intended), American right to attempt to save those who he sees as “sinners damned to hell”. That bastard! I know when I walk down the park blocks, being bombarded with green peace rhetoric, and every earthly cause, from “save the PSU trees” to “Don’t use the bathroom for it floods our oceans!” I don’t mind it. Being a liberal anti-war university those last grandstanders are fine, but how dare a man attempt to speak his free mind, while our elected dictator gone mad president throws darts at an board picking what civil liberties to take away next. Thank GOD (oops, I mean, thank America) that someone like the OSA (office of student affairs) is deciding for me, what free speech I should hear. I am truly blessed (oops again, I mean truly thankful).

England Locke, junior