PMB rocks your world

So you’re sitting in your first year French class trying to conjugate verbs orally and all you can think about is the great song you hear coming from the Park Blocks.

Or maybe you’re in freshman lit trying to concentrate on Hawthorne, but some damn jam band is drowning out your thoughts.

Who do you have to thank, or scorn, for these dilemmas? Well it’s the Popular Music Board, or PMB for short.

Head back to the end of the student development hallway on the fourth floor of Smith Center, and you’ll find Elliott Adams, PSU senior and do-everything DJ, ready to accept your praise and concede your complaint.

Adams says that the PMB runs its “Noon Gigs” series all year – on Wednesdays and Fridays during the regular school year, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the summer.

Upcoming appearances will be made by one-man-band sensation That One Guy and Florida emo kids Hot Water Music.

The PMB also hosts shows by larger touring acts like last school year’s appearance by The Coup and the electronic festival Binary.

This year the PMB hopes to hook up shows with local real-deal rappers the Lifesavas and electro-dubbers Systemwide, as well as a speaking engagement with consumer advocate Michael Moore.

Adams says the PMB is always looking for groups to play – whether they are PSU-related, local, touring or otherwise – but he’s asking for variety.

“Not so much jazz,” Adams said. “Or singer/songwriters.”

Anyone wishing to submit a demo to play a “Noon Gig” should take it to the PMB, in Student Development on the fourth floor of Smith Center. It’s a nice little office.