Portland’s next top blocker: Lego edition

Get ready Lego fans, the fifth annual Lego Convention is here! And it isn’t just for kids!

Members of the Adult Fan of Legos and talented chosen builders from around the world will challenge each other to build the best and most artistic lego structures. These blocks of art will be presented in front of a panel of judges. This portion of the convention will be held from Feb. 25 to Feb. 28 at the Oregon Convention Center. Then the public exposition of the creations will be on display from Feb. 27 to Feb. 28.

An attendee can expect to see a mini-fixed scale of Multnomah Falls, large Star Wars and steampunk themed presentations, mosaics, castles and sculptures.

Bricklandia is one of the co-founding companies of the convention and their President, Thomas Prill, will bring his own creation of a Tony Stark skyscraper from the movie “The Avengers.” However, Prill is always surprised from the diversity of creative lego structures.

“From year to year, we never know what to expect,” Prill said.

Prill expects at least 7,700 people to attend the Lego extravaganza. Mingling between builders and public viewers is a key quality of this event. Though AFoL builds the Lego structures and the event is mainly for adults, they take pride in educating young and aspiring builders. Prill said he is looking forward for the AFoL and ambitious builders to interact.

“There are learning classes to have builders show others how certain things are built,” Prill said. “And they also share amongst each other at the convention as well.”

The convention will also offer games and prizes, along with speaking events.

Watch inventive creators build tiny imaginative worlds of their own at this year’s Bricks Cascade Lego Convention.