Potter plans to rally college vote

As summer slowly approaches its conclusion and Portland college students prepare for the fall term, members of Tom Potter’s mayoral campaign staff, along with volunteers both at the university and in the community at large, are seeking to make the most of what they think is an advantageous opportunity to maximize on young-voter potential.

Last Wednesday, July 21, a meeting was coordinated by PSU student Robin Bentzel and Potter Campaign Outreach Coordinator Kari Lyons to brainstorm with attending student supporters on what could be done benefit the campaign on campus and begin the organizational process for the upcoming “campus week,” in which Potter will visit a number of Multnomah County campuses to speak and interact with students.

“We’re laying the foundation for a sort of explosion of student activity that will occur the first two weeks of November and continue on through October,” Lyons said.

Following “campus week,” tentatively set for the last week of November, Lyons plans on throwing a pro-Potter rally at PSU. The rally is projected to take place on Oct. 1, the last day of campus week, but may be postponed for a few weeks due to possible time conflicts with other PSU events.