President’s Diversity Awards seeks 2015 nominations

One day remains for Portland State students, faculty and staff to submit nominations for this year’s 11th President’s Diversity Awards.

The President’s Diversity Awards, organized by the Office of the President, the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion and the Diversity Action Council, is a way to recognize those who have contributed to celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion, according to the official President’s Diversity Awards Nomination Form.

Nomination categories are for faculty, staff, graduate student, undergraduate student, alumni, donor and a PSU team that collaborated on a project together, according to the official form.

The form suggests those submitting nominations include multiple names. Submissions are due  April 6 by 11:59 p.m.

Charles “Chas” Lopez, the interim chief diversity officer for the past four years, said that the President’s Diversity Awards is a way to acknowledge and thank students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors for how they’ve worked toward a message of inclusion on campus.

“There is the recognition of the importance from the very top of the organization [from PSU President Wim Wiewel] , and that expression of gratitude for everyone’s hard work and dedication,” Lopez said.

Lopez said he believes everyone shares the responsibility of diversity, inclusion and equity.

“It can’t be just one individual, one office, or the chief of the diversity office, it has to be everyone who fills that particular responsibility we have in terms of moving things forward together,” Lopez said. “The more people that we have, the quicker we’re going to get results and make an actual difference.”

Christian Aniciete, social media coordinator in the University of Communications at PSU, describes his reception of the President’s Diversity Award.

“It was humbling because there’s a lot of hard work when it comes to advancing diversity, especially here on campus,” Aniciete said. “So to be recognized was just a great honor.”

Aniciete was involved with the diversity club in high school, and that passion for growth did not cease as he got older.

“I wanted to find opportunities and ways to make a difference, and that was my outlet back in high school,” Aniciete said. “Then, coming to [PSU], which I fell in love with when looking for college options, there were so many opportunities to continue that work.”

For more information, read the President’s Diversity Awards Nomination Form here.