PSU crime blotter

Residential rumblings

Officers responded to a report from a university housing facility at 11 p.m. January 27 that the smell of burnt marijuana was emanating from a room. Officers found no detectible odor at the apartment and no one home.

Marijuana odor coming from a room in university housing at about 3 p.m. January 31 brought officers to the scene. Internal resolution was indicated.

A resident of university housing reported having problems with his ex-girlfriend. The incident surfaced at about 4 p.m. January 30. Internal resolution was indicated.

Vending victims

A vending machine in university housing was found broken into at 9 a.m. January 29. An undetermined amount of money was taken.

A Pepsi machine in the education-business administration building was found forced open about 5 a.m. February 1. There was no estimate of whether money was missing.

Campus confrontations

An argument in the halls of Peter Stott Center at 9:30 p.m. January 29 resulted in a call to officers. The matter will be resolved internally.

A subject complained to officers at 11 a.m. January 20 that a suspect in Cramer Hall would not leave the complainant alone. Disposition of the complaint is pending.

Scrap flap

Someone cut the lock to a scrap metal dumpster gate at the campus and grounds building and scrap metal worth $107 was stolen. The theft was reported at about 7:30 a.m. January 27.