PSU invites students to take the “Healthy U Wellness Challenge”

The Academic and Student Rec Center’s annual Healthy U Wellness Challenge has kicked off and is full of exciting events in the coming eight weeks.

The event is similar to the annual Bike to PSU challenge, in that participants compete for points, whether by themselves or as part of a team. The individual or team with the most points has the opportunity to win fun prizes. The grand prize for teams is a $500 gift card to Next Adventure Outdoor Store; the individual grand prize is a $100 gift card to Next Adventure. In addition, each participant who tracks at least 100 points gets a free t-shirt, and 200 points is rewarded with a $5 gift card to Powell’s Books.

The challenge is meant to bring a holistic approach to wellness, with classes you can attend (for points) that teach everything from healthy eating and exercise to mental health and social security. In addition, you can get points by working out on your own at the Rec Center, or by walking, biking or taking transit to and from school.

The timing of this challenge is certainly no coincidence. The beginning of the year always brings new resolutions, and one of the most common is to get healthier. A lot of people don’t always know how to do that, so this event is great to teach people skills from the ground up.

If you want to join the challenge as an individual, you can register throughout the entire duration of the challenge. You just have to pay $10 at the member services desk at the Rec Center and complete your registration online at If you want to do it with several friends, you have until Jan. 26 to solidify your plans; no new teams can be created after that date. However, new people can join an already existing team after the cut-off. There is really  no reason not to try it.

This next week has some interesting classes to attend, as the challenge is gearing up:

Financial Wellness
Wednesday, Jan. 22
12:45–1:45 p.m.
5 points

Learn about budgeting and how to take care of your finances. Students are burdened with student loans, so it’s important to learn about healthy spending habits before it comes time to pay the loans off. In addition, they will go over credit cards and other aspects of financial literacy.

Touching Two: Simple Massage Techniques for Two People
Thursday, Jan. 23
9:45–10:45 a.m.
5 points

Massage is proven to relieve stress, and the healing affects of human touch are not widely known. This class focuses on how to massage a partner.

Film and Panel Presentation: Know Your Rights
4:30 p.m.
3 points

Learn your rights and how to deal with police. There are a shocking number of people who don’t understand the rights that are afforded to them under the constitution. It’s important to have a grasp on your own personal power in a
confrontational situation.

Gyrokinesis with Sharon
Friday, Jan. 24
9–10 a.m.
3 points

In this Group X class of the week, you can earn the class points in addition to activity points. Learn about rhythm and flow of breath while you participate in this full body workout.