Reactions to Higher One ID cards

ASPSU’s comments are ridiculous (“This is your new student ID,” 9-28-04). OK, so it is a sad day when the university cannot afford to issue ID card with new features and we must partner with someone else. But the bottom line is that ASPSU didn’t lead the charge on this project, and they should have … any complaints now are sour grapes. As a student, I am far more concerned about my ID number being my social security number than having a Mastercard logo on my ID card that I can choose not to activate!

Doesn’t ASPSU care about our social security numbers being out there all the time? Where is their alternative proposal for updating our ID cards to the new century?

I think that the Higher One deal isn’t perfect. For example, why couldn’t they make it a smart card that they could then use for on-street parking? Why could they not partner with Tri-Met for a smart card that works on buses and the MAX? But, given the realities of budget constraints and time constraints, I am glad that the school administration chose to act rather than pushing it off.

Dave Dyk

The issue here is really not the debit card aspect of the agreement. Yes, the majority of students on campus have a debit/credit card (frankly, if you don’t, catch up and get one). The issue here is the lack of student involvement, the lack of education for students and the administration’s blatant efforts to quiet the student voice.

Concerning the Higher One program itself, ASPSU is doing its best to educate the students, so that everyone is aware of the dangers in using this card. Please, before you make any decisions concerning the card, educate yourself, whether you use ASPSU as a resource or find information on your own. There are positives and negatives in every situation and ASPSU has determined that there are more negative effects for students than there are positive. Please keep an eye out for press releases issued by ASPSU that will go into greater depth about the Higher One program, as well as ASPSU’s stance, and what progress has been made.

Ana Johns
ASPSU senator

I have lots of friends here at PSU, and I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t have a debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on it, and about 80 percent have credit cards.

Wake up to the 21st century people!

Keith Myerland

I think [the new IDs are] a great idea. Someone complained it costs $20 to get a replacement, but that’s the same price as a current card replacement! Europe has been using this type of card system for years and it’s caused more good than bad. Yeah, if you lose it someone can try to use it. But what if you lose anything else like this: your money, your credit card, or the debit card almost everyone already has from their bank. I think the student government is already overstepping their responsibility by delaying the contract. Let PSU save some money with the outsourcing AND make it clear that you don’t have to use the debit feature. So many credit card companies and banks make money off of students, PSU should benefit from this, too.

Lee Luchs

I have been at odds with ASPSU on many occasions and continue to have many issues with the organization but I stand with it on the Higher One issue because when you read the fine print, you realize just how bad it is. The stipulations that the bank makes a student go through are ridiculous and take a lot of money away from the student. Fifty-cent fees every time you use the ATM? Only able to take out $500 a day? I am quite glad my rent is $498 because I would have quite a bit of trouble having to make sure I could make the rent deadline with only being able to take out $500 a day.

There are many more hidden overcharge fees here that do not help students out one bit. I don’t personally have as much of an issue with the fact that I wasn’t included in the implementation and decision process [as I do] that my Student Aid and paychecks would be systematically taken away from me in this way and I will have a much easier way to run into debt. I honestly don’t know if I trust myself with a credit card at this point in my life and having read the fine print, the implementation of these cards makes me nervous.

Adas Lis
ASPSU senator

I am in favor of the OneCard. It seems that Business Affairs tried to get the students input, but no one really responded. Besides, how else is the staff supposed to process student aid when there are like 3 full time staff people and over 20,000 students. At least the administration is TRYING to come up with a solution. Sure, it’s not the ideal one – I myself have gotten into a little bit of credit trouble from a MC I applied for at PSU (at the old bookstore) – but at least there is movement towards change. I hope that this situation – while not the most friendly – will open up communications between the administration and the students. In fact, I can say from personal experience that Ms. Dee Wendler is a wonderful person who really does care about the students.

A. Ngyuen
Former Student

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